The importance of sketching & wireframing

It’s great, you have a vision in your mind of how you would like your website to look, maybe you’ve got a mood board and some examples of other people’s websites and a list of pages you need to create in order to develop the perfect website but have you considered just how important it is to sketch out and mock up a layout for your masterpiece? In this blog post, we discuss the importance of sketching and wireframing.

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The website grid, a digital frontier that makes the web beautiful

Beautiful web design doesn’t just come out of thin air, great web design comes from carefully planned and thought out process that not only communicates a product or service but is functional, easy to navigate, communicates the right message and as enjoyable as possible. To help make a website beautiful it is usually the case that a web designer will ( and should ) use an invisible grid system. In this blog post we are going to discuss three ways you can use the grid system to create beautiful web experiences.

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Monaco Datacentre Cloud Event 2015 Flash Animation

Working in house for MigSolv data centre & Migration Solutions consultancy I was required to design a large welcome screen digital advert that could be either still or animated. Realising that I had some time to create this design I decided to challenge myself to create an animation rather than a still due to its ability to more interesting to view than a still image. Continue “Monaco Datacentre Cloud Event 2015 Flash Animation”

Great Design Requires Great Hosting

You may have designed the best website in the world, but it may not benefit you or your business at all unless you have a great web host, too. With all of the options that are available, it can be difficult to figure out what web hosting service will meet your needs. There are several different characteristics that you should look for when you are choosing the best web host for your website.

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Animals advertising data centre space


If you know of AIDA and the psychology of advertising it is evident that the best adverts are not always the ones that depict the exact product or service. The adverts that pull at our heart strings or connect with us on a deeper level through any of our human emotions, whatever they may be, can make us connect with even the most dull product or service. Continue “Animals advertising data centre space”

New Collateral Design for data centre consultancy

I have worked for a data centre consultancy and provider of a data centre for the last three years and one of the first tasks I was given was to develop some collatarel using Microsoft Word.


Microsoft products are all very good but as you can probably tell, I am not a fan! The flexibility of what is possible through their program is less open to being configured to as great a degree than the very famous Adobe products such as Indesign.

Anyway, being new to the company at the time I wasn’t going to argue the toss, it was the program of choice because the CEO wanted to be able to edit the file himself, to maintain control over the text as he knew the Microsoft Office package inside out.

I was given half a day to create a layout and design which was then passed on to the printers and embarrassingly, what I created was not my finest hour of design.


As the design timing had such tight constraints needs must and so I threw together something that I wish to now put to the back of my mind… as far, far away as I possibly can.

The design was something of nightmares and it had been given me restless nights ever since (maybe) so it was long overdue to redesign the template, but I decided that the time had come to revisit the design, particularly as the website has been redesigned since that time. In this post I will discuss the redesign and the thought behind it. Continue “New Collateral Design for data centre consultancy”

BlackArt Album Cover and the design process

I recently acquired some freelance work via Twitter from across the Atlantic where a Philadephia up and comping rapper required a digital painting for his new album. It was the first time I had really considered using Photoshop for digital painting and I knew how difficult painting faces can be using normal acrylics or oils but always up for a challenge and with nothing to loose I gladly accepted the challenge and began discussing the design brief that Max required.

Conversing over Twitter

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How to write a blog post that has longevity

To write a blog post that has longevity can seem difficult , how come you get a lot of traffic at the start and then that post stops delivering any new audience members?Blogging is not a new thing, anyone who is anyone and any business who takes their digital marketing strategy seriously will be blogging at least once per week but why are some blogs more successful than others? Why aren’t you getting much traffic and why are other blogs gaining lots of comments when you aren’t? In this blog post I discuss several ways in which to improve your blog writing skills performance so you can take action today. Continue “How to write a blog post that has longevity”

Build a genuine Twitter following using Twiends

As a regular blogger about all things graphics, web, brand and art I realise the importance of social media to expanding your reach to a larger audience. Problem is, if you only have a small following then you are only shouting your message to a few hundred maybe and but if you have bought followers all I can say is… silly you! Bought followers tend to be fake followers and as about as useful as a zombified headless chicken. In this blog post I am going to discuss , in a very honest way, the benefits and drawbacks of a program I have stumbled across called Twiends, take a quick look at their promo video below! Continue “Build a genuine Twitter following using Twiends”

How to create free online quizzes to entertain your audience

If you have been working in the digital marketing arena for any length of time you will be well aware of the importance of content marketing. Our audiences are hungry for content and like any staple diet, variety is the spice of life, no one wants to be eating the same thing every single day. There are various ways to offer different content to our users from blog posts, podcasts, infographics, illustrations, videos but also interactive content. One form of interactive content that is easy to create thanks to one program is an interactive quiz. Continue “How to create free online quizzes to entertain your audience”