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Build a genuine Twitter following using Twiends

As a regular blogger about all things graphics, web, brand and digital marketing I realise the importance of social media in expanding your reach to a larger audience. Problem is, if you only have a small following then you are only shouting your message to a few hundred at most. If you have bought followers all I can say is… silly you! Bought followers tend to be fake followers and as about as useful as a zombified headless chicken. In this blog post, I am going to discuss, in a very honest way, the benefits and drawbacks of a program I have stumbled across called Twiends. Take a quick look at their promo video below and you too can build a genuine Twitter following.

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How to create free online quizzes to entertain your audience

If you have been working in the digital marketing arena for any length of time you will be well aware of the importance of content marketing. Our audiences are hungry for content and like any staple diet, variety is the spice of life, no one wants to be eating the same thing every single day. There are various ways to offer different content to our users from blog posts, podcasts, infographics, illustrations, videos but also interactive content. One form of interactive content to entertain your audience is to create free online quizzes.

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What makes a good digital marketing expert

You have your website, you have your brand designed and secured with a style guide but now you need to start getting your design out there and ensuring you spread the right message to your potential audience. In the digital marketing arena, there are many who claim to be ‘experts’ and can achieve a page 1 ranking on google or that using certain images and colours over another is the only solution to helping generate the right interest to your product or services. The truth is the digital realm is always changing and not only due to technological advances but also that design trends of what is in vogue and found to be most usable changes regularly, I would even go as far as to suggest that the digital realm is the most fast-changing industry that exists. Continue “What makes a good digital marketing expert”

The colour white and its meaning

The colour white, although not technically a colour, is a colour that embodies purity, cleanliness & perfection. It is a colour that can bring a sense of a new beginning, purity of thought and emotions which sometimes takes us back to our childhood when things were easier and less complicated than in adult life.

In this post, I will look in-depth at the meaning of white, how different cultures have different meanings for the colour and when we should consider using the purity of white in our branding. Continue “The colour white and its meaning”

Using learning styles in advertising and marketing

Having ventured into the colosseum of death/education for three years I learnt a lot about how the mind learns and each person has a unique way they enjoy and digest information best, this is sometimes known as VAK, visual audio and kinaesthetic learning. These processes are extremely useful when designing advertisements or marketing strategies to help reach the largest audience possible. In this post, I will discuss the three learning styles and ways you can approach each learning style in advertising to make people engage with your brand that bit easier. Continue “Using learning styles in advertising and marketing”

The colour gold and its meaning

The colour gold is a colour that embodies success and achievement. It is a colour that no matter what culture you are from brings a sense of value and quality and implies material wealth and extravagance.

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How To Make A Boring Business Interesting in 4 Steps

A lot of industries, services and products, it is fair to say, are dull or lack that bit of sex appeal and wonder how to make a boring business interesting. But how do you make a boring industry interesting? In this blog post, I will be discussing 5 ways in which you can make your product or service more appealing and thus, easier to sell. Continue “How To Make A Boring Business Interesting in 4 Steps”