Build a genuine Twitter following using Twiends

As a regular blogger about all things graphics, web, brand and digital marketing I realise the importance of social media in expanding your reach to a larger audience. Problem is, if you only have a small following then you are only shouting your message to a few hundred at most. If you have bought followers all I can say is… silly you! Bought followers tend to be fake followers and as about as useful as a zombified headless chicken. In this blog post, I am going to discuss, in a very honest way, the benefits and drawbacks of a program I have stumbled across called Twiends. Take a quick look at their promo video below and you too can build a genuine Twitter following.

Twiends And The Power To Sew Your seeds!

Twiends is a social audience growing platform that helps you grow your Twitter account. Twiends help you gain new Twitter followers and the more you offer the more likely someone is to follow you. You may think this is a silly idea as just anyone with a Twitter account will follow you for their refollow and yes, that has been the case with a few of my new followers. Some of the new Twitter followers who love Justin Bieber or speak a different language to me does seem particularly odd. But a lot of the new followers are also of the target audience I am seeking. Business owners and fellow designers.

Build A Genuine Twitter Following By Specifying Your Interests

By specifying your interests you can target your audience easier but keep in mind that a lot of people who are in your industry are likely to use your keywords. If you want to attract potential customers then maybe select interests that they may be into as well. Be a little creative and think about what interests your potential audience would be interested in rather than the services or interests you provide.

The Writing Is On The Twiends Wall

Twiends offers the opportunity to set up a wall so that this further helps your target audience in seeing whether what you tweet about and share on Instagram is to their liking and will also find interesting. A little like a Pinterest new board only sharing your tweets and Instagram images instead. You can see my own wall here if you are interested

How To Gain More Followers on Twiends Faster

You can pay Twiends a very small fee to be featured on their website. At the time of writing, you get 700 free features to other Twiends members for a week and then after this you must pay a fee of $9.95 per week. This doesn’t necessarily mean you will gain a new 700 followers that week but it will give you more exposure to those who may be interested in what you can provide via Twitter.

Does Twiends Give You Fake Followers?

No, Twiends works differently than the ‘buy now’ Twitter accounts and connects like minds through the sharing of accounts. It is true some may be following just to grow their own following and then unfollow later. That is just a part of Twitter, unfortunately. If you post interesting things that your audience is interested in then you are likely to continue gaining new followers. There are many genuine followers in Twiends and although I have only used it for two days I have already gained an extra 39 followers with doing very little through this program alone.

Would I Recommend Twiends To Others Looking To Increase Their Social Media Reach?

After two days of using Twiends I can definitely say that it is a program I will continue to use and explore as gaining 30+ new targeted Twitter followers daily, without having to do much work, is a definite benefit to all businesses. 30 x 365 = 1095 new followers!

Build A Genuine Twitter Following By Learning How To Use It

grow a genuine twitter following learning about Twitter

Not only does Twiends offer a platform to grow relevant and targeted Twitter audience but it also allows you to learn how to grow your Twitter following organically and correctly. There are many short lessons on how to use Twitter and attract the people you want to. So if you want to learn how to get the most from Twitter Twiends is also trying to help you get the most from the platform.

I will do a further review and study of this program 2 months down the line to see just how successful it has been for me to build a genuine Twitter following.

Start Your Twiends Account by clicking here and build a genuine Twitter following.

In the meantime why not check out this free Infographic on ways to improve your Twitter account’s influence today. If you would like support with your social media please visit our social media service page.