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Print designs include media such as business cards, brochures, billboards, and magazine adverts rather than digital spaces like websites and social media. Just like digital designs, the goal is to use visual communication to pass a specific message to your intended viewers.

Whatever the project the design part of our print design service is only half of the challenge, we must also consider how the design will be printed. What methods we will employ to ensure the most powerful messaging possible. For instance, the thickness or material of a business card will convey a message to those who receive it. It is not just about how well you present yourself but also how well you present your business. If you choose a very thin cheap piece of card it’ll give the impression your services may also lack investment, maybe even cut corners. Investing heavily into the design and quality of your print design work and you will be ensuring your business maintains a strong brand image to those who encounter it in a printed form.

Print Design Process

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To begin, we will listen to you in detail to discover your requirements and your timescale restraints. If we both feel that we are a good fit for your project’s needs and we can meet your expectations for delivering the work in time, then we will create a short brief with the price (this will include print costs) for you to approve. Once you have approved it we require a nonrefundable 30% deposit to begin the work.


Once we have created the brief we will undertake the research and asset collection. Depending on what you have asked us to design the content will differ. If you are not sure what words to include in any flyers, leaflets, or advertisements then we can assist. We offer content writing from £30 per hour in addition to the initial design cost.


Once the content is created and assets collected we will begin designing your project. We may begin by drawing it out roughly on paper and then continue to use state of the art design programs whilst keeping in mind how we envision it being printed. Whatever we design for print we ensure it is print-ready so you can choose to print it yourself or let us work with our printers to make the whole process as easy for you as possible.


Finally, once we have finalized the design we will send it to you. You will be allowed up to three changes before further changes will mean extra charges will incur. Once happy with the final design you will need to approve it and pay an extra half of the remaining bill and we will send it to our printers. Once printed we require the final 33%. Or alternatively, you approve it and we send you the print ready files and design files so you can work with your own printers. Final payment will then be required upon confirmation of how you would like to proceed. Files released on final payment.

Print Design