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Hi, nice to meet you, I'm John Wilson! I began my career as a web and graphic designer in London back in 2011 working for a data centre provider and subsequently, various design agencies in both London and Liverpool.

Although I have a lot of experience in web and graphic design, I am not unfamiliar with change.

Back in 2001, I began my education in fine and graphic arts and then undertook BA Hons training as an Architect in 2004.

Graduating as a part 1 Architect in 2008 coincided with the economic recession so I was forced to look for a change of career. I diverted my path and retrained as an IT teacher for secondary school-age children and young adults.

It was great seeing the children enjoy themselves, using my creative skills to engage them in a topic that is often seen as quite grey, which I really did enjoy. Unfortunately, I felt the profession wasn’t fulfilling my creative urges and thus combined my teaching experience with my previous experience in Art and Architecture to change profession again!


During my time teaching, 2011, I taught myself how to build websites and brands and began my journey into web design by creating several freelance projects before landing the lead role as a designer and developer at data centre provider MigSolv.

Spending five years there I honed my skills in brand and graphic design, being exposed to both web and print design. Work that has appeared in Business Today, Easyjet Magazine, Norfolk FC, and even Data Centers Europe, Monaco.


After nearly five years at MigSolv, I chose to work for design/development agencies in and around London and Liverpool. This gave me the perfect opportunity to learn from different designers, developers, and business people, helping to identify best practices in terms of design methodologies and conducive creative working environments.

I hope the level of professional and educational experience I have amassed over the years gives you the confidence that I am well-positioned to help you take your business to the next level, digitally and visually. Whatever your requirements, I am sure I can help you find a solution!

If you would like to learn more please feel free to contact me and we can arrange a conversation.

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Career History

The Change Creative


Bespoke WordPress Websites / Brands

Deliver Media

Senior Web Designer

Bespoke WordPress Websites / Brands

Cyberfrog Design Limited
2019 - 2021

Lead Web Designer

Bespoke WordPress Websites

Revolution Four
2018 - 2019

Web Designer

Small Business Websites

2017 - 2018

Lead Creative Designer

School Websites & Apps

New Star Media
2017 - 2017

Web Developer

E-commerce Websites

Rubix Tech / Software
2015 - 2017

Lead Web & Brand Designer

Law Web & Software

2011 - 2015

Lead Creative Designer

Data Centres

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