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A brand is much more than just a logo, the colours, typography, an identity or a product. A brand is about the feelings a person receives about a product, service or organisation. Although we design brands they become defined by the individuals who use them and humans are intuitive and emotive beings.

The key to great branding is to tell your story and why you exist. It is your business as a whole, its values, its services/ products, and its personality. From the start, we create a visual system to present your business purpose to all stakeholders – be they staff, customers, or investors. We develop strong, clean identities, key messaging, and brand guidelines, instructions to build any future marketing material. In turn, this develops a consistent and professional image for all those who come into contact with you. Whether entering your physical premises or buying a product from your online store. A strong brand is the key to a successful business idea and successful marketing.


Design Process

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Every business has a story and end goals, yours is no different. It is important we know what these are beforehand because they form the basis of all the branding process. Setting priorities and values at the start allows us to see which direction your brand design should be going in. Although we require this information at the start of the design, it’s possible to be later modified during the creative process, however, it is vital that your brand has a strong sense of direction. Without goals or a sense of character then your brand will end up being emotion-less and less powerful as an evocative brand.


Once we have your goals and the company personality seems clear we begin the research. It is not a step to be taken lightly, research helps to identify the market, potential competitors, and identifying any peculiarities which may influence success. Digging around in the current market, whether good or bad can help shape a brand identity that will stand out against the competition. We aim not to put our own or your preferences on the design but instead, what your target audience wants but also, maybe what they are not expecting. An element of delight is part of what we aim to do. A brand needs to make a first impression on its potential buyers to gain their trust.  The design cannot be the only goal or you risk failing the task. Researching may take some time but much less time and also, less expensive than having to rebrand or create a stronger identity with a good reputation from a weak identity with a poor reputation.


One of the benefits of conducting research is to ensure that your identity doesn’t closely reflect a competitive company too much and ensure your new identity is a totally original one. Once we have your story and the research is complete we usually begin by designing your logo and subsequently, your colour palette and typography choices that will work best for your brand. Once you are happy with the logo design we will begin testing it. The way it looks on screen may be different from where it appears in other placements so it ensures it won’t create any unpleasant surprises. The logo, although not the ‘brand’, plays a large part in branding as a lot of other design elements rely on this for key information such as typography and colour palettes.  Once we have your logo confirmed we can develop how to use it in different settings. Depending on your requirements we also begin designing any additional branding items such as letterheads, event stands, brochures, business cards, letterheads, packaging etc,  this is known as the corporate style.


So the brand is complete. The last task we undertake is to create a brand style guide, ensuring all the new design assets are utilized properly. A style guide is a document providing instructions about correct and wrong ways to use the various elements for the brand. Traditionally, a style guide includes the explanation of the idea standing behind the brand as well as the presentation of a corporate color palette which can be used for different purposes. The style guide is created in a digital format as well as for print so that should another designer come into contact with your brand they know the rules about how your business should be represented thus maintaining a consistently strong and professional brand image.

Start Your Story

If you have a new business venture or a small business starting to take off you should give it the branding it deserves. The perfect story has already started, turn the next page, and build a professional identity.

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