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Seek A Therapy

Who are they?

Seek A Therapy is primarily a free visual and interactive therapist directory created by The Change Creative with therapists connecting from around the globe including UK, USA, Canada, Europe, India & Africa. Currently, with over 1200 therapists we also provide affordable web and graphic design services.


Seek A Therapy is a conception developed and managed by us, The Change Creative, since 2017. We recognized we could try to and help one of the biggest problems facing the modern world with our many years of design experience and personal crisis back in 2008 – 2012.

With a passion for understanding the mind, emotions, and desire for a long time to help others combined with technical and creative know-how, it was a way of giving back. There are three fundamental aims to Seek A Therapy, read on to find out what they are.


To provide therapists and people seeking improvement of their wellbeing we came up with several ideas and concepts to help make change happen.

These include: –

  • Build an online platform that allows therapists to register their services, events, and share their knowledge whilst being found by local people and those seeking online therapy as well.
  • To share lived experiences and strategies of overcoming common mental health challenges from direct experience.
  • To allow therapists to share their knowledge with others and promote their services.
  • To create a design agency to allow therapists that register their services to purchase a website from as little as £15 per month or improve their branding for affordable prices.
  • To educate therapists in digital marketing to help them improve their capability of being found online.
  • To provide a wellbeing e-commerce store allowing therapists to sell their wares online, also sharing amazon affiliate products that can help people improve their wellbeing through self-help strategies.
  • Providing motivation and guided information on ways to improve our own mental health on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Branding Of Seek A Therapy

Having a functional website that helps you find therapy quickly and easily was important but having a brand that is modern and instantly recognisable was just as important. I wanted it to communicate that there are many ways to improve the wellbeing of the mind and also reflect a positive forward-thinking look towards therapy and healing. At Seek A Therapy it puts holistic therapy on par with traditional therapy like counselling allowing people to explore new ways of healing they may not have considered before like hypnotherapy, reiki and massage amongst many more.

The brain logo has different elements of its hemisphere coloured to represent different types of therapy and also different causes of why we become stressed, depressed or anxious coming together to heal the overall brain. The colourful nature of the logo also helps to convey a sense of optimism and hope that will be to help others feel it is possible to recover from anything they may be going through.

The bright turquoise colour used on the business card and as the primary brand colour enhances this sense of positivity further and is known to be a colour of healing. This I believe is really communicated well on the business card. The reverse of the business card is white which allows someone to write on the card should they so choose. The brain has UV gloss on it to enhance the impact this important element has on the overall feel of the brand.

Logo Design

Seek A Therapy required a new logo as it was just initially a stock image of a head with a magnifying glass and needed something that said exactly what they were trying to do which is bring every therapy under one roof, explain what therapies are, and get the help that they deserve.

This logo communicates this by being an abstract brain with all different segments with different colours representing various therapies that can heal the mind. The colorful nature of the brain shows that therapy needn’t be scary and may ease the tension someone feels when seeking therapy.

Website Design

Initial Purpose

The initial website concept came about after having experienced personal difficulties and the lack of support available when a crisis hits. We realised there was a real need to not only make others aware of the counselors, CBT specialists, and psychotherapists but also ALL of the holistic therapies as well.

Seek A Therapy Map Results By The Change Creative

Hypnotherapy, Reiki, EFT, NLP, Life Coaching, and Mindfulness are just a few of the many therapies that can aid you in improving your mental health and wellbeing. At the time of inception, there was very little awareness of holistic therapies and their benefits. This was a way for users to discover therapies simply by entering their post/zip code and returning a map and list of all therapists within a 50km radius.

Secondary Purpose

Coming from a family with an experienced holistic therapist it was obvious that graphic design, web design and marketing are not a skill many therapists have. It was this reason that we then thought it would be useful to create a platform that allowed therapists to have a digital presence, advertise their events, and write articles to attract the target audience.

Likewise, many therapist’s websites are not ideal. Many either rely on self-build drag and drop platforms or just aren’t very user friendly to use. With over ten years of experience in the industry, we decided to offer therapists free digital knowledge and special discounts for design services through Seek A Therapy.

Third Purpose

The third and final purpose of Seek A Therapy was to provide an online shop where therapists (alongside Amazon affiliate products) can sell self-help tools to help improve their wellbeing for a very small fee, this is currently still in development but does already offer some Amazon products.

bespoke wordpress website by The Change Creative

Print Design


Seek A Therapy Business Card By The Change Creative

When it came to the business card design we wanted it to showcase our brand icon, the brain. We used spot UV on the brain to help create emphasis on the icon and then, on the back of the card, right across the centre, have the business name.

This allowed the logo to have an impactful statement and keep all the holder’s details on the reverse.


To begin to raise awareness of Seek A Therapy not only is it important to advertise online but also in traditional marketing methods such as printed leaflets. The idea with the leaflet would be to have on one side the brand name and on the reverse, what to expect from the website. It is always important to consider various ways to reach your target market rather than just relying on a website and Google. Targeting local tends to be a good strategy in the early days of forming a business.

Digital Design

Online adverts

The above advert was to encourage more professional therapists to join the directory and designed for use on LinkedIn. Other adverts were also designed with the same branding style for use on other social channels.

Social Media Management

We run all of our social media accounts daily on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. We provide motivational and inspirational quotes with a thought of the day. Therapy information and what they are good for and also, some branding and digital marketing tips to help therapists improve their digital marketing with small nuggets of information.

YouTube Promo

I realised video was extremely powerful in evoking emotion and engagement from users and so wanted to create something that quickly and clearly communicated what it is that Seek A Therapy aims to do. Below are two videos. The first is the initial video we made to help people understand there are many therapies that can help someone improve their wellbeing and overall health. Secondly, the next video is to help put a face to the brand and communicate all the things that can be experienced by using the website.

Seek A Therapy Concept

The Change Creative Triangle

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