Logo Design

It is important to realise the power and influence a good logo can have on your business. Your ultimate goal is to convey a message that is aesthetically appropriate for its purpose and target audience, if needed, I can even help you develop its name and brand if you are new to the business world, we give your business a life of its own.

Conceptual Logo Design

At The Change Creative we believe strongly in conceptual and theoretical design. It is in our belief that a logo must be representative not only of your company but also contain key messaging that connects with your audience. We do this by providing sophisticated simplification of your services yet artistic complexity and relation to the industry you sit within. By following our strategy you are more likely to end up with a logo that is timeless and instantly recognizable allowing you to stand out amongst your competition for all the right reasons.

Logo Design Process

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With all things, it starts with a conversation. We will ask you whether this is a brand new logo for a new company or whether it is a redesign. Once we have established this we will then ask a few more questions so we can gauge how to price your project. If you are keen to work with us, we will ask for a £30 non-refundable deposit ( this goes towards your final invoice should you accept the brief) and then direct you to a short questionnaire about your business. This enables us to ensure we communicate exactly the right message and attract the appropriate audiences. Once complete, we will send you a short logo design brief with the price attached. A non-refundable 30% of the fee will be required to commence the work.


Once we have established key information about your business we will undertake research. We will analyze your answers to the questionnaire, look into your industry to assess the competition, collect other’s logos to ensure you are not straying too far from what has established your industry, and begin to conceptualize ideas. This can take up to three days and plays a vital part in the creation of a timeless design.


Once we have established the research we will then begin the creation stage! We may draw ideas using traditional methods such as pen and paper or we may go straight into the digital realm, maybe both! Playing with ideas, twisting and turning them, making something that communicates but is also unique and expresses your individuality. Once we have a few solid ideas we select the best ones and digitize them in black and white. As we create more complete designs, after you have seen the various designs, we ask your opinion. You may select one, or unsure between two? We take those designs and further develop it for you, adding colour and life to your design. We allow up to three changes in the design before adding additional charges for further amends.


The final stage of logo design is approving the design, signing it off, and paying the remaining balance. Once the bill has been paid we will send the logo design in various different file formats, including the .ai file, a simple logo style guide and any extra necessary files.

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