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Do you have a great website but need search engine optimization for your website to help you get found on the likes of Google and other top search engines? We can help you improve your rankings in Google by providing various SEO services. We also recommend at least 3 months to start to see changes to the amount of traffic you receive to your website unless you decide to undertake paid advertising.

Having a great, well-designed website is great but without a well-planned and implemented SEO strategy implemented as part of your design you are unlikely to get any traffic. There are many ways you can implement SEO but it does take time due to the many different ways you can undergo an SEO strategy.

Seo Support Process

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Keywords are the words and phrases that people type into search engines to find what they’re looking for. If your website hasn’t got meta tags that address keywords and also, the content on the page doesn’t have the search terms you are targeting in your keywords then unless you are doing paid advertising it is unlikely your website will be found. We can optimize all of your webpage’s content to target specific keywords/phrases to help your rank higher in search results. We use several tools to do this and it isn’t just about adding the keyword to the content! All of the following aspects are vital to optimise your website for organic search results.


The next element that is important for your search engine optimisation is the speed and code behind the scenes of the site. It is for this reason that we often tell people not to use drag and drop builders. Instead, we suggest building a bespoke website, hand-coding your own theme, if you are a serious small to the medium-sized business making a reasonable turnover. Drag and drops are fine for testing out ideas but not established businesses. Many drag and drop builders add unnecessary code ( often called a bloated website ) and also make it more difficult in the future to create a new website. Often, it will be the case you will have to start from scratch if this is the case. Other examples of how we can improve your website’s performance are through reducing image file sizes, minifying javascript files and CSS, reduce the number of plugins called, and much much more. We will do a complete audit of your website so we can see exactly what needs to be done to not only make your website look good but perform well too! End of the day, the search results being returned MUST be a delightful experience and this includes the speed of information delivery.


There are several ways to build website authority. One is through the creation of backlinks from higher domain authority websites. A backlink is an anchor text that is on another’s website that is relevant to your own. For instance, if you were a small gym owner and received a link from David Lloyd Gyms website this link would provide your website with more authority and respect from search engines. This is part of the algorithm that search engines use to return results to the users that may be relevant to particular search terms. Also, links can come in other guises. Commenting on blog articles that are relevant to your industry, answering questions in quora, writing guest blogs, can ALL be a part of a larger SEO strategy but should play a very important part in your journey to becoming an authority in your industry.


We will not lie, the competition to be on page 1 can be challenging. It will depend upon many factors, one being the actual keyword or keyphrase you are targeting. For instance, if you are a plumber you might think “fitted bathrooms” would be a good keyphrase to target. It may be so but the likes of B and Q or the really big boys also want to rank for that keyphrase so will be extremely hard to organically rank without paying for adverts. We use tools that allow us to analyze your main competitors. We can research keywords and look at how others are ranking for that phrase and how we can outperform the competition. This takes time, research, and strategy but is important if particular keywords are a must for you and your business.

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