Rebranding a Business

Industries, art, fashion, design and technology all change and evolve, and the most savvy brands do their best to keep up.

If you are considering a rebrand, as we’ll cover below.

If you are considering a rebrand it is not something to be taken lightly. Rebranding takes planning and preparation. It is a time-consuming process that you need to think deeply about before you dive in. A rebrand can feel like a fresh beginning, but it’s not always necessary or beneficial. Just because you don’t like your brand’s logo doesn’t mean you need to start with a blank canvas. Significant research must be done to identify strengths and weaknesses in your current brand and your competitors. What your goals are for the rebrand and how you can measure the success of the new identity against metrics. You will also need a plan of attack for design and execution timelines. To identify whether you need a complete redesign of key elements, like your logo, or whether a subtle retouching would suffice.

Over the last decade, we have many years of experience in rebranding or refreshing a brand identity. Our most complete rebrand was for Migration Solutions data centre consultancy and Sentry42 who became a single identity known as MigSolv, so if you choose to work with us to rebrand your business, you can rest assured and trust us to understand the process and haveing such in-depth experience in the field of rebranding.

Design Process

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There’s a reason you have considered a rebrand and it is probably because you aren’t making enough sales, maybe you aren’t getting enough inquiries or maybe things are ticking along fine but you feel that a strong subtle rebrand may help attract new customers. Whatever the reason we need to understand why you want a rebrand and also what your business goals and back story are. We need to know if you want a complete removal from your current identity or just a polishing of what you already have. Once the brand instructions, priorities, values, and goals are set we will undertake the research of reimagining your business brand identity.



Once we understand your intent for a rebrand it is important we do some research. It is not a step to be taken lightly, research helps to identify what worked well in your current brand and what maybe didn’t. Research can include assessing the current brand assets, and whether they simply need a refresh rather than a complete redesign. Discussing with all stakeholders ( including employees) their true impression of your brand, analyzing your competitors, and identifying areas for improvement and potential opportunities, as well as identifying your target market and understanding their needs and desires. Researching does take some time, and with that time comes a cost, but it is much less expensive and time-consuming than rushing through this step. Once the research is completed the next stage is to plan and design.



A careful plan of attack and a well-managed design process can ensure your rebrand stays on track for a set timeline. Deadlines, a well-planned design process, and a project timeline let you know when to expect things to be finalized and keep your project on track.

Once it’s complete don’t be afraid to announce it to the world and get it LIVE! A well thought and well-designed rebrand is a declaration of your company’s commitment to upward growth. Change is never easy, but sometimes, as the song goes, a change will and does do us good.



Congratulations, your rebrand is live and complete! To celebrate the completion of your new shiny brand guide we create you a style guide to ensure that all your new design assets are properly utilized. The style guide documents instructions on the correct and wrong ways to use your new brand, useful when you work with various different stakeholders or designers. We create it in a digital format and also for print so that it is easily accessible for all people, wherever they may be based in the world ensuring you maintain a strong brand image across your entire business.

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