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How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page

Who should setup a LinkedIn Company Page?

LinkedIn is the ‘business’ social media platform and is used directly for business purposes rather than just being ‘social’. Being able to connect with fellow professionals in your industry as well as potential clients, LinkedIn is the perfect social media platform for startup businesses to gain insightful knowledge from leading experts and for those company’s that are B2B ( or in another words , businesses that do business with other businesses. E.g Service providers, commercial builders, Lawyers etc ). If you sell a product that is more inclined to be a B2C ( business to customer ) such as retail outlets then LinkedIn is possibly not the perfect platform for you.

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If after reading the introduction you think a LinkedIn Page will benefit your business then you have to ensure your current LinkedIn Profile meets the requirements.

Before you even start to begin to consider adding a company page for your business to LinkedIn you MUST have all of the following as stated on the LinkedIn Website :-

[quote name=”LinkedIn” meta=””]

You can add a new Company Page only if you meet all of the following requirements:

  1. You must have a personal LinkedIn profile set up with your true first and last name.
  2. Your profile strength must be listed as Intermediate or All Star.
  3. You must have several connections on your profile.
  4. You’re a current company employee and your position is listed in the Experience section on your profile.
  5. You have a company email address (e.g. [email protected]) added and confirmed on your LinkedIn account.
  6. Your company’s email domain is unique to the company.


Now if you are happy that you have all of the above then we can move on let’s get down to business!

Create a LinkedIn Company Page

To start you will need to navigate to the tab Interests > Companies and you should be greeted with a similar page to that below. Design Milk is one of the companies that I follow being a designer it is something I find particularly interesting, don’t worry if your screen is slightly different all you need to do is click the yellow button in the right sidebar ‘Create’.

create a LinkedIn Company page screenshot of location

Once you have clicked the magic button you will be greeted with a new screen where you need to add your company name and ‘professional’ email address. Once you have done that you will be greeted with several more panels, this is where you place your company information.

 Company Description

This is where you should put your company description. Think about giving a basic overview of your services and possibly previous clients you have had as well as the kind of people who would find your services most beneficial. Consider your target audience as much as possible.

If you do get confused or get writers block when you create your LinkedIn Profile I suggest researching and looking at other LinkedIn Company Profiles for ideas, particularly competing businesses in your industry. Take the best elements and of course, remove the not so good ideas.

Designated Admins

If you have more than one employee, possibly a social media manager then you can have more than one admin which can be useful to prevent updating the channel taking up unnecessary periods of time that could be spent doing other things. Pleaser note, you have to be connected on LinkedIn in order to be able to suggest the other admin.


create a linkedin company page

Image appears at the top of your company page so is an opportunity to brand up your LinkedIn Page and create a call to action. Make it clear what your services are visually or maybe consider using a recent project. However you decide to communicate with your potential followers make sure the size of the image you create is 646 x 220 pixels or larger, a jpg, png or gif and the file size is no bigger than 2mb.

Standard Logo

Lets cut to the chase! The standard logo size Is  120 x 60px

 Square Logo

Just like the above image it has measurements you must adhere to which are 50px x 50px

Company Specialities

creating a linkedin company page showing specialities

Of course this is elf explanatory but you should put the things you are best at and well-known for first and your other services towards the back as viewers will naturally think the order has some relevance.

Company Type, Company Size, Company Website, Main Company Industry, Company Operating Status, Year Founded

create a company linkedin page

All these things are pretty self explanatory so I won’t bother wasting your time just go fill it in! Go go go!

 Company Location

This is the place where you put your registered offices and contact details. Maybe you don’t have an office as such because you are a freelancer or for some other reason, don’t worry, it’s not a compulsory section of the page.

Alternatively if you are a fairly successful global company and have over 10 offices then you will have to be chose your most prominent offices in the world as LinkedIn allows up to 5 locations to be added.

 Products and Services

create a linkedin company page showing products and services screenshot

To add your products and services to your company page there is a tab near the top of the LinkedIn Page ( seen in the image above ) click it and it will reveal some more new panels to complete. Below are examples of ideas provided by LinkedIn.

Examples of what you can spotlight:
  • Products: The printers you sell or the book you wrote.
  • Services: Your financial consulting packages or a list of your marketing services.
  • Other: Events you’re organizing or your company’s mobile apps.

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So that’s it, pretty simple really isn’t it, if you do have any trouble with your company page or images please do feel free to contact me and I will do my best to help you. Do you have any suggestions what makes a good LinkedIn company page? Please leave your thoughts in the comment box below and if you create a company page please feel free to link to it from this page.

P.S. Don’t forget to visit my new LinkedIn Company Page and follow it, I will be posting all my future posts so you’ll have easy access to all my future tutorials, creative pieces and thoughts. Click here to visit my newly created page, I look forward to connecting with you.

11 Things that Drive Regular Twitter Users Mad

Before you begin reading this post I am having a grumpy old man moment and pointing out all the things that I have found to be quite irritating whilst using Twitter for my first year and I imagine must annoy others. I share my moaning moments with you in the hope that you won’t make the mistakes and instead make your Twitter account a highly influential social media account that will work for you and your business.

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Moaning Negative Statements – In day to day life no one likes a moaner or someone who puts others down and when on Twitter its the same ball game so avoid sharing your negative thinking on your social media platform at all costs otherwise you may find people start unfollowing you.

Political messages – likewise, everyone has their own idea of how the world should be run and what is right and wrong. It is best to have followers that agree with your way of thinking but to avoid upsetting anyone its best not to put any of your extreme political views on Twitter unless of course you are a politician! Its a risky tweet to tweet.

Validate you are a REAL Twitter user – Ever so often I get a DM ( direct message ) that says, please validate you are not a robot by following this link . It may only take around 20 to 30 seconds to validate but can I really be bothered and is there really a problem if a fake account follows you that happens to be a bot? Not really, you simply just dont follow them back. Its definitely a roll of the eyes moment.

The Egg – The first thing you should do when you start using Twitter is to create a profile and if possible design a good twitter background and profile picture in a clever and imaginative way that expresses your personality. If you remain an egg you are looked at as untrustworthy and not really worthy of following. If you have trouble designing a good profile then contact me and I will help you design a profile that reflects your personality or brand.

Hashtag junkie – #today #i #went #the #supermaket #and # bought #a #cabbage. When nearly every single word in a tweet is hash tagged it is seen by other users as spam. Hashtags do help get your content seen by more users but limit it to just a maximum of three hashtags.

Selfishness – me me meeeeeee! Yes we all want to be noticed and we all want to do more deals but to create relationships you need to help each other. Don’t just promote your own thoughts and products but be actively RT ( retweeting ) the tweets of others, the ones you find interesting and if you have used twitter lists maybe diversify how you share your tweets. For instance, monday could be ‘graphics’ day, tuesday could be ‘marketing’ and so fourth.

One good form of practice that is recommended by Twitter experts is for every one of your own pieces of content share 5 of others.

Tweeting like its going out of fashion – spending every waking moment on Twitter is not healthy and neither is tweeting 10 times in one minute. If people see your profile picture directly after each other in their feed they are likely to get fed up and unfollow you. Instead spread out your tweets throughout the day and put your most influential ones on your account when Twitter is at its most active ( around 2PM GMT).

Having few tweets compared to number of followers – 100,000 followers? Well done! That must have taken some time to build that kind of recognition especially with only 300 tweets, tell me how much you paid for that following. Twitter users aren’t stupid and if you are trying to deceive people into following you then its not a good start in building trust is it?

Tweets that add no value – informing the world you had cornflakes and orange juice for breakfast is not going to add value to your followers. What information do they really want? What do they want to feed on? Think a little before you tweet and try to provide things that you know others will benefit from.

Was it something I said? – people who follow you only to unfollow you a couple of weeks later to try and build their following/follower ratio will irritate the heck out of the users. Why add someone to your network only to unfollow them later? Doesn’t really make sense does it? If you want to keep track of who is unfollowing you use justunfollow.com.

Thanks for following! @myunclebob @davidthegnome @catsgroup  – When you follow tweeps some users thank you for it. and tag you in a tweet with several other users. I understand its a form of trying to build a larger network but it doesn’t add anything to the majority of followers and will become irritating to see ‘thankyous’ regularly in your feed. The best way to say thank you is in a direct message in private rather than on the main feed.

In the next post I will discuss 11 ways to build appreciation for your tweets on Twitter.

What are Twitter Lists for?

So you have your Twitter account and you have a few thousand Twitter followers, great stuff! After a small amount of time, you notice a feature on your twitter account to the top left called lists. “What the heck is this for, Twitter lists!?” you think, why on earth would anyone need a list feature? Well in this post I hope to help decipher exactly why Twitter lists are useful and how to use them effectively to improve your social media experience.

What is a Twitter List?

As your twitter followers increase and you start following lots of relevant Twitter users, being able to keep up to date with all your favourite Tweeps and finding useful tweets can become difficult, if not impossible. One feature of lists is to help you cut through the noise to find the diamonds amongst the coal!

Twitter Lists help you organise tweets you are interested in

A list helps you organise your favourite Twitter users into a type of “Twitter Groups”. So for instance, if you look at my Twitter Lists on my personal account you will notice at the time of writing this blog post I have around ten lists, three of which can be seen below.

twitter lists

Being able to add your favourite Twitter users to groups makes it easy for you to organise the most influential Twitter users you follow into categories like “Web Design“, “Graphic DesignTypography” etc and is useful for when you are having a day where a specific interest is grabbing you. I guess you could compare twitter lists to a telephone directory, it makes it much easier to find people and information you are looking for.

So why should you bother creating Twitter Lists?

There are several reasons you may want to create Twitter lists, one I have already discussed to keep track of your favourite Tweeters but there are more.

Another reason is to build relationships with those who really matter to you in your personal and professional life.

Build Relationships using Twitter Lists

By adding someone to one of your lists that Twitter user is notified and it is almost like giving that person a little high five to say “Yo! My hommie, your tweets rock my world!” and helps to build a mutual respect between the two of you, after all, you think that Twitter owner can add a lot of value to your digital life.

Recommend other Twitter Followers

When you create a new Twitter list you have an option to make it private or public. If you think that some of the people you have in your lists should remain private ( i.e. family members, celebrities you like or a bit of a detective keeping track of your competitors tweets) then do consider making a list private otherwise keep it public.

This helps the Twitter account user benefit from a little bit of publicity should your followers check out the twitter list they are on.

Make a Twitter Search for Twitter users easier by sharing lists

You don’t have to keep your lists stored away in the Twitter closet…get it out!

Simply navigate to the list you would like to share, copy the  url and post it into your Twitter Feed. Hey presto! Twitter list shared!

Do you have to be following the user you include in a Twitter List?

This is a question I asked myself when I started creating lists and the good news is, you don’t have to be following them!

This is particularly good news if you are reaching your “2000” limit and unable to follow any more users ( until you have a 10% followers to following ratio ) but don’t want to loose some really influential and educational tweets.

To gain the most benefit from this part of the twitter list feature  then you need to use twitter tools like justunfollow.com.

One of the features that Justunfollow has is that it allows you to find who is following, not following and unfollowing your Twitter account cutting out the mystery of who to follow and unfollow.

There are more features to this Twitter tool but I recommend visiting the site for more information.

Ok, so I kind of understand Twitter lists now but how do I create one?

Rather than rewrite the wheel, so to speak, I have provided a link to Twitter’s very own guide in how to do this here.

Should you have any questions about twitter lists or have some more information you would like to share navigate to the bottom of the page and please leave a comment.

P.S. Please add me to some lists too and I may just return the favour! Cheers my dears! 😀



4 ways to find out what is trending on the internet

Sometimes deciding what to write about on your blog can be difficult, you just get a creative block and it’s like you are sat in a white room, on a white stool with white windows & with nothing to white, oh sorry I mean write! Finding out what is trending on social media is one great way to inducious your creative sparks. In this post you will find four useful links to find out what is currently trending.

Google Trends

Each day there is new content created on the web and search engine giant Google is a great place to find out what is trending. It is the most widely used Search Engine in the Western Hemisphere so if you write about something related to the main trend you have a good chance you may generate some traffic from it.


Ever heard of reddit? Well you have now! Reddit is a place that people share stories that they find interesting and they post them in specific categories. The benefit of this for looking for ideas for your own works is that you can see how many up’s they have which gives an indication at how interesting and successful the story might be if you were to create something yourself around that particular article.

Buzz Feed buzzfeed

BuzzFeed is the leading media company for the social age, intensely focused on delivering high-quality original reporting, insight, and viral content across a rapidly expanding array of subject areas. Their technology powers the social distribution of content, detects what is trending on the web, and connects people in realtime with the hottest content of the moment. A great way to really spark your imagination with many subjects and ideas to discuss on your blog, what could be better?

Youtube Trending

youtubetrendLastly, if you are starting to enter the world of video blogging you may like to take a look at this site. It gives you insight into what is currently trending on youtube. Even if you aren’t video blogging it still might spark some ideas for your latest blog post or podcast.

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Remember, although all these websites are informing you of what is trending at that particular moment you may want to try and be a little bit psychic too and write about things that are yet to happen but are foresable and highly likely to happen as this will give google time to index your content and you won’t become old news. Alternatively, if you can write an article within a couple of hours and you have large social media followings on various platforms and you are a part of various communities then don’t worry so much about natural search results just make sure you use the hashtag as effecitvely as possible when describing your blog post so that your article can be found amongst all the other trending information. Best of luck and if you have any other ideas of to find out what is trending then please feel free to comment in the box below.

The 300 Spartan Twitter Followers

What is your Twitter Followers profession?

“You there What is your profession?” The soldier replies ” Im a potter…sir”

the king continues integrating “…and you, what is your profession?” “sc-scultper sir”

And he askes once more ..”you?” “BlackSmith”

“Spartans what is your profession?”

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 Building your Spartan Twitter Followers Army

There are several ways to build your Twitter following on Twitter but there are two common ways. Follow people in the industries you are interested in and they will follow you back or alternatively you can pay someone to give followers.

Slow and steady follower gains but a strong small and influential group

The first path of following people and receive follow backs to those in my particular professional industry is the option i chose. Admittedly it takes time to build a large Twitter following this way but like 300 Spartans going to war, having 300 relevant Twitter followers compared to 30,000 you have paid for that have no real interest in you or your business is a waste of money and a weak following regardless of numbers.

Paying for a fake Social Image

I know some people pay for a following so they can look like they have integrity and are a powerful online social force with something important to say but strength doesn’t come in numbers it comes in the quality of the few and I can quite proudly say every follower I have on Twitter is someone in my area of expertise that may retweet what I tweet and get some benefit from my tweets.

How to spot someone who has paid for followers

Usually spotting a Twitter User that has paid for followers is easy. One key factor is having very few tweets for the amount of followers they have gained. A sure sign something fishy is going on.

You are being decieved by the seller if you pay for fake followers

Not only are you being decieved by the seller of the fake followers but they will also abandon you before you know it. I do know somebody who has bought Twitter Followers and they have started loosing quite a few of those followers a couple of months later.

Do you want to deceive your potential clients?

The worst part of buying Twitter Followers is that you are deceiving your potential clients into thinking you have integrity and influence if they follow you on Twitter when really your reach and influence in Twitter is small.

My final note is this, fight your fight the proper way, take your time ( believe me it takes time! ) and build your following by following others in your industry, retweeting, favouring and sharing other peoples content, build strong relationships with followers and you will gain respect as a true Twitter Power then you too can call yourself a Spartan Tweeter.

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 A top tip to build a truly powerful twitter army

You may already know this but there is a great online program called justunfollow.com. You can see who has followed you, unfollowed you, even copy followers of people you follow which is ideal for building a relevant Twitter Following. I use it every day on the free version but for just a small fee you can follow and unfollow as much as you like and build your following much quicker.


Follow me on Twitter 

What social media is best for me? Part 2

What social media is best for me? Choosing the right social media platform for your needs & business mission can be quite tricky as more and more social websites start to saturate the market. Depending upon your product and goals different social media platforms will better fit your needs to use than others. Below is a infographic I discovered when on pinterest. I think this helps in making it clearer what kind of value your business will likely gain ( if used correctly ) from each platform.

Twitter Talk

Hash tag this, hash tag that, at this, at that!… At what? Twitter talk can all get a bit confusing to try and decifier what people are saying with all these little twitter codes and what they are used for so I have decided to try and help you understand what it is all about.

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Talking @ you

@ symbol is what you will find at the front of every Twitter ID and by typing this into your message you will be able to communicate directly with other twitter users in the public feed. There are two different ways you can use the @ symbol. Here they are : –

@ – used to reply or send a message to someone publicly, but will only be public in search and if the two users have shared followers. These also notify the user in their interactions section or a mobile alert if set.
.@ – completely public reply, but also tags a user. (Some brands or people use this method for a conversation to become public and invite others to join or see it more easily.

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Hash Tags

The hash tag, for those who don’t know is the symbol #. It used before a relevant keyword or phrase (no spaces) in your Tweet to categorize your Tweet and help you get found in twitter search easier. it can be quite useful to use this in a search for people who are talking about things that are intersted in the same things as you such as for me i would type #design and you may notice if you visit my twitter account ( find it in the sidebard here ) that I also have hashtags in my description to help people find me and my specialities.

To learn more about hash tags or how you can use them more effectively please read this blog post “How to use the twitter hash tags in 3 easy steps” i posted earlier

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Some abbreviations

Just like in text talk there are different little abbreviations that are commonly used in Twitter because 140 characters aren’t really very much to get your message out to your following…

Follow Fridays

FF is used on a Friday and is to suggest other people to follow to your followers. You should have built a niche market in the people you follow and that follow you so suggesting people to follow will boost relations with those you suggest building a stronger twitter link with them. Obvioiusly suggesting the less well known twitter users will be more effective than suggesting someone like Justin Bieber, suggest those who really need and add value to your twitter feed. Its all about giving your followers a little bit of respect and also a little TY.

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Here are the other common ones : –

MT – Modified Tweet

TT – Truncated Tweet

RT – Retweet

DM – If you want to send someone a direct message, they must be following you. Similar, if you want them be able to DM you, you must follow them as well.

BTW – By The Way.

YW – You’re Welcome.

IMHO – In My Honest Opinion.

YT – You There?

FML – F#*@ My Life.
GTFO – Get The F@*# Out.
NSFW – Not Safe For Work.
NSFL – Not Safe For Life.

And the most important abbreviationas manners cost nothing!

TY – Thank You.

Should I use Instagram?

I think with the recent publicity of Instagram’s new policy on who owns the copyright of the images you upload has started making many people wonder.. “should I use Instagram or not”?, particularly if you are uploading all your professional creative works to the social media platform, but I believe that Instagram does have its place in any designer’s app arsenal. It can actually be a really useful and beneficial tool to all creatives and here is why I think so.

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Raising Awareness

The benefit to any budding photographer, artist or graphic designer is obvious. It can show to others what you are capable of and also how you see the world. Creatives see the world in a slightly different way than a “normal” person, a lot of things have metaphors, they see composition in things that others wouldn’t batter an eyelid at and Instagram allows others to see into the world of our creative minds..i think that is a very powerful tool for all creatives, it definitely inspires us to create.

For fun

For me, being creative is a hell of a lot of fun and is on par with video games and high adrenaline sports. Just taking random photos of things you experience and things you see can be great to share with the world.

Inspiration catalogue

As a professional designer I am constantly thinking of how things can be designed, improved or made exciting and sometimes when you walk past somewhere something sparks inside you. Instagram can be a place to store all the things that inspire you and hash tagging each image will also make it easier to find. You may argue Facebook offers the same option but I believe using Instagram for this purpose is a much better app than Facebook for storing inspiration & ideas from general life.

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Don’t be daft

Don’t put images on Instagram that you have spent weeks creating, I don’t believe Instagram was made for that. Unless you are happy for others to lift your hard work and use it as their own or alternatively if you have already received payment for your creation then that is fine, it could even help you build a larger fan base.

Improving design composition

If you set your camera to have grid lines what you can do is really play with composition ( I will discuss this in the near future when I discuss the basics of photography ), this is useful for photography but can also be applied to other areas such as graphic design, web site design & painting. You will notice you really pay attention to how you layout your composition whenever you work and how important it is in creating excellent design.

Increase creativity

It also has the knock on effect of becoming more creative as you are constantly thinking how you might be able to catch the perfect image and seeing everything as a work of art rather than just passing your time through space and time. I highly recommend using it as much as possible to increase your imaginations power.

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Benefits outway the negatives

If you are concerned about copyright and who is using your images then don’t use instagram, if on the other hand you are happy for others to see life through your eyes and you want to improve your creative skills then instagram is probably one of the best apps out there right now. The world is a beautiful place, we should record it, share it and spread the positive things we experience, lets change our perceptions of reality together



What is Tumblr and who should use it?

What is Tumblr? Tumblr is a microblogging platform and social networking website. The service allows users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog. Users can follow other users’ blogs, as well as make their blogs private.

Problem with Tumblr

Tumbler, like Instagram & Facebook has also received criticism for the ability of bloggers to violate copyright. Tumblr’s visual appeal has made it a haven for photoblogs, which often times include copyrighted work from others and publishing them without payment. Tumblr users are able to post content that isn’t their own by re-blogging. Re-blogging involves presseing a buttong that allows users to re-post content that they found on a blog which they subscribe to, onto their own blog.

golem from lord of the rings


Just like WordPress Tumblr allows users to add widgets that allow to add things that make their website that little bit unique such as twitter feeds, livestream apps or music players that being playing music when other users view their blog.

Combining Twitter with WordPress

That is how I would describe Tumblr really..a blogging platform with social media principles. If you are user of Twitter you will know that to get people to follow you you are best finding people that have the same interests as you & then they are likely to follow you back too and increase your fan base getting your content more noticed. How do you find people to follow? There is a “explore” button on the dashboard where you will find lots of interesting topics that people tag their blog post in.

combine blog with tweets

Tag, your it!

What is tagging I hear you say? Every time you post something i recommend putting some keywords in the tagging box.  Basically what this does is act like a keyword so that it makes your content easier to find. Say someone is looking for flowers and your blog post is a picture of one then one tag you would use is obviously “flower” and you may get discovered by that searcher.

 Oi ! I posted that!

Get used to feeling like this! People will repost your things if they like it, thats the whole point of tumblr, its blogging but with a difference. It gets shared easily and quickly and you may often find things you have created in other peoples blogs. If you do this correcty it can create a larger following on your own blog and if you have a website, it could even direct people to your site too! More traffic? Now that can’t be bad can it!

 RSS me baby!!

not much time to create stuff for your blog? No problem! Other people can put things on your blog through rss feeds, you can simply set up different rss feeds to appear on your blog in the preferences setting.

To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question!

Every time you blog on your Tumblr account you can choose whether to immediately share it on twitter & facebook but if  you blog a lot on tumblr it could annoy your twitter followers..i know if i see over 10 posts in one go on twitter it can make me quite irritated especially if i am not interested in the first tweet they put ( sorry to sound moody, but its true for most users! 🙂 )

 Wow big blog! Its just like a book

When you have a lot of pages then you can even get it published into a book! Now that is pretty cool isn’t it!

Is it for me?

The thing about Tumblr is it is a combination of WordPress ( a mainstream open source blogging CMS platform for those who know a little bit of code ) and Twitter, combining people who are interested in the same things as you…but the good thing is it is so very very simple. It is ideal for those who have lots of photos to share and are inspired by quotes and such like. If you aren’t ready for hardcore blogging like what I am doing here Tumblr is for those taking the step up from twitter & facebook amongst friends to start gaining a larger voice in their world community. [divider style=”1″]

How do I use it?


I use it to post my works and become inspired by others works and show appreciation to others and promote the work of those I admire and useful things I find along the way…I think they key to a good internet is a true bohemian heart, free love, free information & free creativity. Yes we all need to make a living but if you truly want to make an impact in the world and offer something of value to people then free is the best place to start…when you have a big enough following then you can consider selling some of your things to your close nit fans. I hope this blog post has helped you in undrestanding tumblr a bit more…if you are still unsure how tumblr works you can visit my site here : – http://jawilson-design.tumblr.com/ or alternatively just set up your own tumblr account ( it even comes with an app for easy uploads! ). Happy blogging! 🙂

A week without Facebook Day 6

I am going to sound like a bit of a broken record but I still feel that without Facebook my life is more productive. Only 2 more days to go and then I will decide whether to permanently shut down my Facebook or continue using it.

Refocusing my attention on other social platforms

I started using other social media tools a lot more such as Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Delicious, Reddit & others as well as t o continuing to blog. For me, using social media platforms is about being productive, for others it may just be to waste a bit of time, not everyone wants to develop themselves, we all want different things and that is what makes the world interesting.

Facebook is boring

Facebook has become quite boring to me now, after exploring so many different ways of communicating online I personally find Facebook limiting. As previously mentioned there are only two reasons why I really like Facebook…easy log-ins on other websites & gaming. Other than that I am not particularly interested in seeing pictures of what my friends are getting up to ( unless in person ) and I am not really interested in being advertised at. I am though, interested in what the art and design community is doing…but there are better social media platforms for this purpose.

Prefer to be in touch with Family in other ways

I prefer to contact my family the old fashioned way..on the phone or I would like to use skype or such like a bit more than I do. There are so many technological options now that Facebook isn’t the be all and end all…personally I think its time to take back a bit of control  back in our lives, make our personal areas such as holidays, nights out & such like what they should be ..private & make work & interesting things such as art/quotes/articles/music public.

Facebook…is a chapter is closing on my social media use.