Twitter Talk

Hash tag this, hash tag that, at this, at that!… At what? Twitter talk can all get a bit confusing to try and decifier what people are saying with all these little twitter codes and what they are used for so I have decided to try and help you understand what it is all about.

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Talking @ you

@ symbol is what you will find at the front of every Twitter ID and by typing this into your message you will be able to communicate directly with other twitter users in the public feed. There are two different ways you can use the @ symbol. Here they are : –

@ – used to reply or send a message to someone publicly, but will only be public in search and if the two users have shared followers. These also notify the user in their interactions section or a mobile alert if set.
.@ – completely public reply, but also tags a user. (Some brands or people use this method for a conversation to become public and invite others to join or see it more easily.

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Hash Tags

The hash tag, for those who don’t know is the symbol #. It used before a relevant keyword or phrase (no spaces) in your Tweet to categorize your Tweet and help you get found in twitter search easier. it can be quite useful to use this in a search for people who are talking about things that are intersted in the same things as you such as for me i would type #design and you may notice if you visit my twitter account ( find it in the sidebard here ) that I also have hashtags in my description to help people find me and my specialities.

To learn more about hash tags or how you can use them more effectively please read this blog post “How to use the twitter hash tags in 3 easy steps” i posted earlier

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Some abbreviations

Just like in text talk there are different little abbreviations that are commonly used in Twitter because 140 characters aren’t really very much to get your message out to your following…

Follow Fridays

FF is used on a Friday and is to suggest other people to follow to your followers. You should have built a niche market in the people you follow and that follow you so suggesting people to follow will boost relations with those you suggest building a stronger twitter link with them. Obvioiusly suggesting the less well known twitter users will be more effective than suggesting someone like Justin Bieber, suggest those who really need and add value to your twitter feed. Its all about giving your followers a little bit of respect and also a little TY.

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Here are the other common ones : –

MT – Modified Tweet

TT – Truncated Tweet

RT – Retweet

DM – If you want to send someone a direct message, they must be following you. Similar, if you want them be able to DM you, you must follow them as well.

BTW – By The Way.

YW – You’re Welcome.

IMHO – In My Honest Opinion.

YT – You There?

FML – F#*@ My Life.
GTFO – Get The F@*# Out.
NSFW – Not Safe For Work.
NSFL – Not Safe For Life.

And the most important abbreviationas manners cost nothing!

TY – Thank You.