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Release : Acrylic on Canvas – 2011

Release is a painting I produced in late 2011 that I was inspired to paint after having a vivid dream. In the dream I was somewhere hot, the sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky and I remember walking along a street passing by what looked like a type of mall, located close to a beach…the shops were all constructed out of wood and painted white with an open arcade street through the middle of the mall with the sun beating down on a cobbled floor. Continue “Release : Acrylic on Canvas – 2011”

Soul Tree – Enlightenment Conceptual Meaning

One evening when I was fast asleep in bed dreaming whatever it is we creative types dream I disturbed my then, partners sleep by sitting bolt upright in bed and saying “1000 year old tree” and then laying back down in bed again, unaware that I had said anything at all, my partner was obviously quite freaked out ( as you would be ) and made me aware of what I had said in the night to which I just chuckled. I felt I had to find this tree and visit it at some time in the future. Continue “Soul Tree – Enlightenment Conceptual Meaning”

Norwich Cathedral Photography

Last week my colleagues and I ventured to Norwich City the home of Norwich Cathedral ( and Norwich Football Club of course, but we all know Liverpool FC are the only english football team to support 😉 ) for our christmas meal..yes, you may have realised that last week it was 25th January and Christmas day is 25th December. Regardless, we all had a fantastic time ( and yes I got a little drunk ) and it was great getting to meet the team from the other sector of the business. Continue “Norwich Cathedral Photography”