The colour silver and its meaning

The colour silver is a colour that embodies technological advances, to lead by example, calming and purifying. It is a colour that can be seen as glamorous, sophisticated and like gold can also be prosperous.

In this post, I will look in-depth at the meaning of silver. How silver has different meanings, depending upon its use and when we should consider using the power of silver in our branding.

Silver and it’s meaning in the colour of the mouth chakra – intuition

Why am I talking about chakras and what is a chakra? A chakra is what is known as an energy wheel that helps make up our spiritual aura ( that can be seen by the use of special cameras) of seven colours. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple and gold/white. It is believed to relate to how we think and how we experience the world, how people see us, as well as our physical and mental health.

Each chakra has a purpose beyond its colour and the mouth is believed to be the chakra of higher principles and wisdom.

silver coin is a symbol of purity

It is believed to be the symbol of purity in all its forms and is pure light. It is believed to relate to how we are faithful, open-hearted and it is believed that it brings light to all the other chakras.

When in balance we lead by example, manifest our true desires, are full of charisma and have a thirst for knowledge that we absorb with ease.

When out of alignment we can feel lonely, cut off, lost thought and out of touch with our heart guidance.

If we consider a business that already uses silver successfully in their branding we always think of Apple. The idea that the chakra plays in the psychological presence of their logo may be one that evokes a company that has much wisdom in their design and is always at the leading edge of their industry and their principle is to always deliver the very best in technological advances but it is more likely to have been chosen due to its representation of high-tech, industry, modern and its glamorous sophistication than its spiritual nature.

 The colour silver in nature

silver in nature

Like gold, the colour silver in nature is a precious metal that is not very chemically active. This makes it a very attractive metal to create jewellery, coins and art with. Also, like gold, it is a rare metal and for this reason, gives it a mystical and glamorous property that other metals don’t possess.

More information about silver and its properties can be found here at

The bad side of  silver

When silver has negative connotations it can be seen as dull, lifeless and rigid as well as a little deceptive. These aren’t great qualities for most businesses. It does tend to work well for technology companies like Apple. This is because being a technological company it doesn’t need to have life it just needs to be high tech and sleek which this colour tends to exude.

 The colour silver and its cultural representation in different countries

Culturally speaking the colour silver can sometimes be related to the cold reflection of the moon. Some believed that colour can ward off evil and relate to our emotions, our minds, love and healing.

In the USA silver is used for depicting things that are sleek, masculine and modern thinking and is often used in cars and products aimed at men. In the South of America, silver is symbolic of wealth and glamour. This is due to its connection to the old age pirates and the use of it within jewellery.

In Europe and also in Japan it is usually connected to technology and craftsmanship.

No matter what country you are from silver seems to be the most popular colour for a car. This is probably because of its emotional neutrality and the ability to think clearly.

How silver can affect our mood

Silver, it is believed, can affect our mood making us more gentle, kind and sensitive. It can help us to be more introspective than other colours. It has been stated that this colour helps bring success more easily than other colours. New ideas are easier to come by with the use of silver than the rest of the colour spectrum.

If used too much can make your mind unbalanced.  It is believed it can even end up living in a fantasy world rather than using your logical senses.

I hope this brief article about the colour silver has been useful. Do you have any other points that you think maybe useful? Please comment below
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