The colour gold and its meaning

The colour gold is a colour that embodies success and achievement. It is a colour that no matter what culture you are from brings a sense of value and quality and implies material wealth and extravagance.

In this post I will look in-depth at the meaning of gold. Its different perceived meaning to us and when we should consider using the colour in our branding and designs

Gold, the 11th Chakra and its meaning in the colour of the sacral chakra – empowerment and  self-esteem

Why am I talking about chakras and what is a chakra? A chakra is what is known as an energy wheel that helps make up our spiritual aura ( that can be seen by the use of special cameras) of seven colours. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple and gold/white. It is believed to relate to how we think and how we experience the world. How people see us, as well as our physical and mental health. Gold is believed to be of the 4th dimension and the 11th chakra of our spiritual body.

This chakra is meant to be awoken when you have been through much emotional and traumatic pain and thus the ability to understand others needs intuitively and gives back what they have tenfold.

This chakra when fully open is believed to create great positive change for a large mass of people by being a great role model and living their life as well as they can.

If we consider a business that already uses gold successfully in their branding we can see how the chakras purpose plays a part in the selection of the colour. Porsche, one of the most expensive car manufacturers use red, gold and black in their logo design which oozes the character of a business that only those with great wealth and achievement can afford. It embodies luxury and sophistication. Likewise, a lot of high street fashion brands sometimes use luxurious colours. For the simple ability to enhance the feeling of wealth that this colour exudes.

 The colour gold in nature

The colour gold in nature is, of course, related to the mineral with the same name. Although chemically speaking it is not that spectacular, it is, for this reason, it is so valuable. It is one mineral that does not tarnish or react with other materials. So much so that was selected as currency when we first started trading. Also, gold is a material that is fairly scarce enhancing its value perception.

Interestingly gold is a rare colour in nature too but there is also a beetle called a jewel beetle. These are usually iridescent and can sometimes appear gold. This rare beetle also appears in quite exotic locations. Places like Australia, adding to this colours sense of scarcity and luxury.

The bad side of the colour gold

When gold is overused it can bring on feelings of self-centred nature, seeking ultimate power, demanding, mean, fear of wealth & success and is often seen as someone who has a large ego.

 The colour gold and its cultural representation in different countries

the colour gold watch

Culturally speaking the colour gold, no matter where you originate embodies luxury and wealth. It is one colour that has one of the most universal meanings and is a rare thing to find.

Gold is a very powerful colour and thus must be used in moderation.  Overuse will lead to negative feelings towards a brand.

How gold can affect our mood

Gold being so powerful must be treated with kid gloves, small amounts can help empower businesses to give a sense of luxury but overuse it and it can feel excessive, self-centred and sometimes tacky. When we view gold we usually associate whatever the business is with being expensive. Expensive or at the top level in terms of quality.
Gold, when we wear it and use it as a personal colour can have positive connotations. As although it leads to power and wealth, if balanced, can lead to the sharing of knowledge. It is believed gold can make us more generous.

When to use the colour gold 

With the colour gold, you should use it for a brand that sells a luxury item. Empowers people to create their own wealth or share their knowledge in order to help others.
I hope this brief article about the colour gold has been useful. Do you have any other points that you think may be useful?
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