The importance of a branded email address

Having an email address that isn’t @hotmail or @gmail whether for business or applying for jobs is really quite important for several reasons. In this blog post I plan to explain the issues surrounding not having a branded email address.

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Psychological professionalism of a branded email address

Look at these two examples of an email address : –

  1. [email protected]
  2. [email protected]

You will notice that when you look at one of these email addresses you feel that you are dealing with a competent and professional company and the other…not so much. Both of these businesses can do the same job to the same standard but one gives a different impression than the other. It may seem strange that just an email address could have such a large impact on your branding reputation and to the potential impression to customers, but it does.

If you don’t have a branded email address it can make you look cheap and psychologically speaking, it will also make you look like you may not do a job as well as another company that is in your industry.

Unlimited names for various departments with branded email addresses

Most businesses don’t have just one department and branded email addresses can be used to full effect here.

For instance a business will likely have [email protected] for the sales team, [email protected] for general inquiries & [email protected] for customer services, for example.

This list is NOT exhaustive, you can have as many different email addresses as you would like and they can all be set up and managed via the main email clients such as Outlook or Thunderbird and I plan to show you in the near future how to create branded email addresses and set it up using the free email client, Thunderbird.

Add personality to your branded email address

branded email address

Info, sales & feedback are very very commonly used words in email and business and when it comes to email it has its advantages but also disadvantages

Advantages of standard branded email addresses

By using the standard expected email addresses it is not difficult for your customers to get in touch with you via electronic mail which is useful if a potential customer wants to get in touch easily without having to remember much about your company other than your domain name.

Disadvantages of standard branded email addresses

It shows lack of personality. There are so many different options to the standard “info” “sales” “feedback” examples that you can use as an email address, all that you need is a little bit of creativity. For an example, what is it that your company is selling?

If you are a construction company how [email protected] or [email protected].

Are you a florist? Then surely [email protected] is a good idea? Your email communication is only limited by the level of your imagination.

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How do I get a branded email address?

Firstly, you will need a domain name and a place to host your electronic data. A good place to buy your domain is with a web hosting company who hosts websites and usually offer unlimited free email addresses as part of the deal of signing a contract with them. There are many choices who to sign up with so do some googling and look for a company that has the best reviews from its customers.

So my final message is this…it is worth taking the time to brand your company’s email addresses. It will help improve your professionalism to clients and but also benefit you by being able to manage your mails easier.