THE best print plug-in for wordpress CMS websites

You’ve started blogging a few times a week, you’ve added an RSS feed for all your fans to be able to follow you but some people don’t really like reading things on a screen ( me being one of those littlet ole chaps! ) so you want to add a print plug-in to your fabulous website but.. which one??! I have tried and tested a few different plug-ins and some of them are good but then advertise your competitor websites because it looks for keywords in the doc! ( I am not sure the person you are designing a website for will be best pleased with that!) and I finally came to this plug in…this is the daddy of all print wordpress plugins. It is the world’s best and most used eco-friendly print tool on WordPress. Top sites such as NBC News, CNN & Disney offer its users an economically and ecologically friendly printing and saving experience that saves paper, ink, and money while saving trees ( and you know what!? Im a tree hugger, so yeah…im loving this plug in, time to spread the luuuuurrrrv! ).



I could have given you a list of a few different plugins that I have tried and tested but why do that?! Pointless, its best just to share my good experience and let all you blog readers also get the benefits of my research.

So why CleanPrint?

I chose cleanprint as the ultimate winner of the printing plug in choice  because it is eco frierndly. It attempts to reduce the amount of paper and ink you use protecting the environment and as I my philosophy on web/graphic design is to try to not effect the environment too much then it fits the bill perfectly. Not only this but it also doesn’t have adverts that advertise your competitors, yes it does come with adverts but there is a new version that is ad free (probably for a small fee).
Secondly, I like how you can click different parts that you want to print and you don’t want to, I am sure that could prove really useful for readers of blogs that only want to use part of the blog for reference.

There are also other options when wanting print such as : –

  1. User activates CleanPrint by hitting print button
  2. Print preview appears including pagination and editing tools for optimization
  3. User selects desired output:Share article link to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+
    • PDF – Saves content as a PDF document
    • Text – Saves content as a rich text formated file
    • Dropbox – Saves a PDF or text file to your Dropbox account
    • Box – Saves a PDF or text file to your Box account
    • Google Drive – Saves a PDF or text file to your Google Drive account
    • Google Cloud Print – prints to a remote printer
    • Print – Sends content to your printer
    • Email – Sends content via email

and finally, some more of the features and benefits of the plugin : –

Features and Benefits

  1. Use the CleanPrint button set or point your own buttons or text to CleanPrint.
  2. Lightbox keeps users on your page within their original browser window.
  3. Green ticker shows how many pages CleanPrint has saved.
  4. Pagination/paper saving counter helps users avoid that dreaded extra sheet of paper.
  5. Control – Users are in control of font size, images, gray scale of text, and eliminating any unwanted content before outputting to print, PDF, Dropbox, and Google Docs.
  6. Button Set – Users feel good about hitting eco-friendly content output buttons next to your content.
  7. Branded output – Your brand/URL are printed on the page or sav

To download this plugin either look for it in the search bar or alternatively click this button which will take you to the download location.

print plug-in

Download Location

How CleanPrint Print Plug-in worksIf you need any more reasons to download and use this plugin then just look at the above diagram? Do you love trees too?