One way to minimise your business card and still look professional

As you start to build your online presence and you activate more and more accounts on various social media platforms it starts to become difficult to fit them all onto one business card but there is a solution and if you have been following my blog , the clue is in my last post…

[divider style=”1″] is a website that allows you to promote yourself and manage your social media identities in one space.

Each personal page has the same layout.

  • One large image in the background.
  • a short bio about yourself.
  • your website or company.
  • your social media connections.

Why this can be useful to you is that rather than having around ten lines of social media urls they can be placed on your about page and simply use the url from this website.

It is a unique way to organise your social media but also another way for people around the globe to find you.

So if you want to minimise the content on your business card this is a possible solution. If you want the person you hand the  card to to be able to understand its your social media accounts simply add the logos of the social media accounts on the cards near the url to your url and bobs your uncle, minimal social media on print.

QR Code

You could go one step further and use a QR Code that directs the user to the page so that it has an element of fun as most people have smart phones now so if they are keen to connect via social media it gives that option.

Do you want to advertise ALL your social media?

Considering the majority of people you will hand your card to what social media are they likely to be using? They may not want to know your Pinterest and Instagram account details so maybe just include the main social media account you want people to connect with you on, probably LinkedIn if it is business.

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I hope you have found this post useful, if you have any other ideas how to minimise your business card details and design then please comment in the box below. I look forward to hearing your ideas and thoughts.