End of the world Mayan Calendar Bucket List

Seeing as the proposed end of the world happened yesterday and we were all meant to be 6ft below. I felt it never a better time to create a bucket list. Some of these things may be pretty typical bucket list featuring on most peoples list but hey, im not that unique, a little odd maybe but still human…just about.

  1.   Swim with dolphins in the caribbean
  2. Meet a red Indian that can shape shift.
  3. Meet an alien and have tea and biscuits.
  4. Venture to the bottom of the sea and see a creature never before seen.
  5. Live with a tribe in the amazon rain forest for a month.
  6. Go on a spiritual tour of India speaking to spiritual leaders and gurus to try to understand the meaning of life and find inner balance.
  7. Meet and live with Tibetan Nomads for a month.
  8. Look after Pandas in the reserve
  9. Have my own art exhibition
  10. Win the John Moores Competition in the Walker Art Gallery Liverpool.
  11. Help build a clean water well in Africa.
  12. Make a positive difference in a lot of peoples life before I die.
  13. Write and publish my own book.
  14. Design and build my own home.
  15. See a ghost
  16. Meet my soul mate
  17. Live somewhere hot and equally naturally beautiful
  18. Go to Niagara Falls
  19. Win money in Las Vegas
  20. Have my own pet Husky or Labrador
  21. Meet my spirit guides
  22. Own my own business to be my own boss
  23. Star in a Hollywood film
  24. Scuba Dive
  25. Parachute Jump
  26. Go the Colosseum in Rome and wear a gladiator helmet and re-enact some scenes from “gladiator” the movie
  27. Go to the day of the dead in mexico
  28. Go to a Brazilian Carnival
  29. Free Tibet
  30. Sleep in the open air under the stars
  31. Master keyboard playing and write my own music song relating to my life experiences
  32. Do voluntary work
  33. Get a muscular body
  34. Learn a martial art
  35. Do lucid dreaming
  36. Visit the pyramids in Egypt
  37. Meet a real life angel
  38. Travel into outer space
  39. Have 1 million pounds in my bank
  40. Go to the north pole
  41. Go to the south pole
  42. Ride a sleigh pulled by huskies
  43. Stay with an eskimo in an igloo
  44. Drive a speedboat
  45. Sleep on a yacht.
  46. Find a place where utter silence exists
  47. Drive a catamaran in the Caribbean
  48. Learn how to create oil paintings properly
  49. Tour every european country
  50. Go to Russia and find out what is in that country..nothing is marked on google and its so huge!
  51. See the northern lights
  52. Go on a cruise
  53. Master Spanish
  54. Master Portuguese
  55. Ride a Jet Ski
  56. Experience being on my own without any human contact for a month
  57. Learn to speak Tibetan
  58. Break a guiness world reord
  59. see the 7 wonders of the world
  60. Visit Mecca
  61. Visit Disney World
  62. Learn not to take what others do or say personally.
  63. Visit the home of Elvis
  64. Win a nobel prize
  65. Be interviewed on tv
  66. Donate blood
  67. Complete part 2 and part 3 architecture degree
  68. Blog every day
  69. Go whale watching
  70. Go to the Saraha desert
  71. Have a mansion with a swimming pool
  72. Listen to positives and learn to disregard negatives
  73. Realise negative people will make no difference in life and people who are positive will almost always find opposition
  74. Fly first class
  75. Visit Bhutan –reportedly one of the happiest countries on Earth!
  76. Visit Japan during the Cherry Blossom Festival.
  77. Fly a glider
  78. Fly a helicopter
  79. White water rafting
  80. Build a home for the poor in a less developed country
  81. Shave my head for a good cause.
  82. Plant a tree named after someone special or unusual
  83. Conquer my fear of small spaces
  84. swim with sharks
  85. Migrate and live in every continent for at least 2 years
  86. Be complaint-free for a period of 30 days
  87. Underwater rollercoaster in Japan
  88. Send a message in the bottle into the sea
  89. take a random trip anywhere by finding out what flight is next at the airport
  90. Tree Camping
  91. Stay in the Poseidon Resort in Fiji
  92. Get a tattoo of an eagle
  93. See a blue whale
  94. Play hide-and-seek in a mall
  95. Learn to drop the acsent and speak properly
  96. Encourage others to do their own bucket list

So now I’ve wrote the list I will try to complete these and update it before the next doomsday whenever that might be!

How about trying to create your own list. Please feel free to leave a comment or even share more ideas.

Happy new age of aquarius! 🙂