Desinion get others opinions about your design

When creating design elements everyone, no matter who we are has their own opinion of what works and what doesn’t, what is beautiful and what is ugly. Visual cues and hierarchy feel different for different people but you will find that the majority of people will be biased to one way of thinking or another. When you are just working between yourself and a client it can be difficult to reach agreements on what is beautiful and thus you need a third party to help make final decisions, that is where Desinion comes in.

Desinion get others opinions

I discovered the Desinion website when their Twitter account began following me yesterday afternoon. Having looked at my Twitter following I clicked on their profile out of curiosity and discovered a gem of an idea. A tool that allows you to share designs with others that lets people choose between one or another design mainly targeting graphic design rather than any other form of design at this stage.


Your design opinion counts


Having signed up and taken part in the Desision that are available to be critiqued I found it enjoyable, intuitive and interesting when most of the desisions I made were usually in the same alignment with others. This fascinated me as this states that there are obvious design rules that make something ‘beautiful ‘ and that the opinion of myself was important to the designer in order to make final decisions.

The benefit of taking part in Desisions

By taking part in these design decision processes it helps in making you more critical and more aware of what makes something visually striking and thus increases your analytical skills when producing your own work.

The fact it only takes a matter of minutes to look over a few designs is great as it helps tune your design senses up and would be great to use before you settle down for a day at the design studio.

Create your own debates

I have not created my own design debates yet but you can create as many as you wish, get stats on which gender and age like your design best, unlimited comments, follow and help designers and design teams and embed your own designs into your blog or website to help discover exactly what people want to see all for FREE!!

For a small fee of $1.58 per month, you can gather more stats on the people who are voting your designs such as working positions, industries, create private design debates to share with your client or in-house team. Receive reports to share with your client or final decision maker, receive unlimited comments and more.

Desisions website, where your design opinion matters

In conclusion, I am glad I have stumbled across this website as it will be a tool I will be using with my clients in order that they receive the best possible solution to their graphic design problems. It is such a versatile tool that is at a reasonable price to allow the best ideas to come to take forward. Don’t delay, sign up to Desisions today and start making the right choices.

P.S. In no way do I own the designs that are being compared in the screenshots above, they are purely for educational purposes.