Create an email signature in Mozilla Thunderbird ( Windows )

As promised here is the 2nd tutorial on how to create an email signature but this time in Thunderbird ( a freeware email client program from Mozilla. ). So lets cut to the chase and get with how to create it. If you need some tips and tricks on how to design an email signature then please feel free to look at this previous post I have written.

To download Thunderbird email freeware click here.

Step 1 : Account Settings

The firs thing you must do is go to account settings which can be found in Options… > Account settings… this will reveal a screen similar to the screenshot below.

Thunderbird signature settings

If you scroll down the list of many many things you will come to Signature text: here you can choose whether you would like to include html in your signature or not by putting a tick in the box before you start designing your signature. If you do please keep in mind not all people will receive your html design in their email client so just be careful, make sure your design is compatible with plain text readers as well.

Step 2: Plain text or <Html/>?

Plain text can be read by all email clients so is the safest option to design with when creating a signature.

plain text signature


This is an example of e a plain text signature ( basically you just type it in how you want it to appear). Remember the golden rule, 4 lines of text is good practice and if you really have to include more than that don’t push it pass 6 lines that would be crrrrraaaazzy man! Also you may realise I haven’t included a telephone number, if you study the tips and tricks you must only include the ways you want people to be able to contact you, don’t go crazy including fax, qr codes and such like be minimal and clever in your choice of communication. Right now Im not accepting new work ( as I am in full time employment ) so a telephone number isn’t required but can be requested if it is needed by the person i am emailing.

plain text email signature

<Html signature>

writing a html email signature

Most email clients are html friendly but it will look different on different screens and different email programs so please keep that in mind. I wouldn’t recommend playing around with <div> just use html for colour, fonts, bold and italics. It is in my opinion that simple is best when it comes to the written email. If you want to add some sprinkles to your text then use html. If you are not sure of html coding ( although it is quite simple please follow this link to help you. Click here )

Below is an example of html signature.

html signature

 Step 3: Including an image ( usually the logo )

This form of signature is done in a slightly different way than the last two designs. You create your signature in a new email and then attach an image, save it as a new file and then attach the signature as a file. This way is all about attaching , the good thing is that it can allow ease of design if you want your signature to incorporate html.

Follow this simple quick guide to create an email signature with your logo or other image.

To begin, click write as though you are beginning a new email which will open the Thunderbird composer email view. Once you have it open make sure to select the colours, fonts and boldness. This visual way of making your signature can be a lot easier than coding. The screenshot below shows the formatting i have applied to my signature.



Following this, you need to insert the logo. To do this you must make sure you have a logo or image no bigger than 150px x 150px. Remember if this image is seen on a mobile some screen resolutions are not very big so you don’t want your logo being more important than the content of the email.

I use Photoshop to reduce the file size of my original logo and save it with an appropriate file name such as logo_email.

small logo

Once you have reduced the image size down then click Insert > Image… and the screen below will appear.

Insert image

Make sure to click attach this image to the message and also include some alternate text incase the image doesn’t show it will allow the receiver of the mail to know what was in that location.

Now that you have something similair to what i have produced here you can save this as an external file.


To do this click File > Save as… give your new design a sensible file name in a good location and make sure html is selected in the file type.

saving an email signature on thunderbird

Lastly go back to Options… > Account Settings… and this time do something slightly different. Go back to the signature text box and tick the box that says attach the signature from a file instead. Then obviously, you need to click “Choose…” and locate the file you have just saved and then click OK.

make sure you have attach the signature from a file instead

and thats it! All you need to do now is start writing emails to all your new clients, I am sure they will be impressed! Congratulations. 

an email signature design