Choosing a user centric blog title

The blog Title is probably the most important part of any blog post.

You have finally decided that you want to start blogging as you hear this content marketing stuff is really good for drumming up a new business and thus you have created your first masterpiece but what do you call it? Blog titles are probably one of the most important parts of any blog post and in this blog post, I am going to discuss why.

Who is the target market for your blog titles?

When you start creating your first creative blog titles you also need to consider your target market.

Are you a b2b or a b2c style of business? This has a huge importance on how you create an effective title for your blog post. For example, maybe your blog post is about how you decided to start up a business in your chosen industry for a fashion company. If your blog title says something like ‘how to start a fashion company’ you are going to attract b 2 b customers who may want help in setting up their own business idea whereas a title called ‘my journey into the fashion industry may interest b 2 c clients as they will see where the designer has come from and make them feel a deeper connection with your products. So you see, when designing powerful blog titles you must consider your target market.

Categorise your blog content for your blog titles.

After you know your target market you need to categorise your blog post. What is the content of the blog post you have just written? Can it be categorised into a specific subject? I am not talking about a generic category here but is it relating to a specific part of your industry or interest? For example ‘infographics’ in graphic design or ‘stitching’ in textiles? Can this category help you find creative blog titles?

What would you search for to find the content?

I recommend trying to think how a user might search for a query…for example, my most successful blog post of last year was ‘what is the twitter profile picture size?’. I am consistently on the top of page 2 of google for that key phrase. This is quite beneficial because if a user is searching for the Twitter profile picture they might realise I design full Twitter Profile Designs and employ my services in the process! It is tricky at first to think like a user but you’ll soon get your head around it.

Enticing your readers in with magnetic blog titles

Creating catchy blog titles is really important, it can help the user make the decision whether to click on your blog title or move on to the next of another website owner. Once you have finished your blog post it is good practice to share it on ALL social media channels to help promote visits so having catchy creative blog titles can help give your post ‘clicking’ power.

Create blog titles with Key word/phrase

All blog titles should contain a major keyword and if you can get that keyword as the first word of your blog title major search engines will help chew up your content and usually place your new content fairly high up organic search results. This is the way to create an irresistible blog post title for organic searching. creative blog titles

 Stupid blog titles forget the audience

Whenever you are trying to design creative blog titles never forget who you are trying to attract to your website. Fantastically written blog posts that really are interesting compelling stories may not necessarily be something that is going to help your overall business goals. For instance, I recently joined a Facebook group for bloggers where a new writer was struggling to create her first blog title for how she got started in business. My initial thought was ‘how to get started in xxx business’ but then after considering her target market is not other businesses but new retail customers then that blog title is inappropriate for its purpose.

A better blog title would probably be ‘Why I got started in business’ so then people can understand its a personal journey and build an affinity with the writer and the products that she sells.

Don’t judge a website by its blog title cover

Remember that blogging is meant to be fun, you won’t always get it right and sometimes you’ll totally get it wrong but as long as you start and try creating interesting content to go underneath those creative blog titles then I am sure your blog fan base will begin to grow larger and larger with every word.

Best of luck and please do feel free to leave comments in the box below.