Biggest mistakes new freelance designers make

Freelance designer work in different roles depending on the skill set they possess. These days most of the designing jobs are advertised for freelance work. In this competitive industry it is not only your skills that matter. You should be alert to other aspects of the business. Although you can hire other people for help but it will take a heavy toll on your budget. Generally freelancers commit many mistakes when they are relatively new in this field. Some of these mistakes can be devastating for your career and reputation. To follow are some of those mistakes and ways of avoiding them.

Dealing Blunders

Freelancers have to deal with clients in acquiring the project, contracting and payment collections. It is suggested to bid around the average value. While contracting make sure the paper work is done. In contract deed ask for running payments from the employer i.e. paying after each phase of completion of the project. Asking for down payment is not a bad ploy provided that you have a good standing in the industry, no matter you are new in the freelancing mould.

Ignoring the Audience

This mistake is mostly committed by amateurs in this field. It is easy to forget about the target audience when you are concentrating on other design aspects. Whether you are designing for the website or a logo for a certain company the paramount factor for your success is the viewer. Take into consideration the age, gender, culture and in some cases the geography of your audience.

Not Updating Yourself

One of the dilemmas of freelance jobs which generally are home based is the lack of learning opportunities. It is very important to keep yourself updated with the latest trends in the industry. Join discussion boards, subscribe to technology newsletter and read e-magazines to keep in touch with the latest trends and practices in the industry.

In effective Communication

In freelancing the main hurdle is lack of communication. If your client can’t understand your demands and see the output then your relation can deteriorate. So don’t shy away or presume yourself to be perfect in whatever you are doing.

Absence of Planning

The basic skeleton of website design is pretty important in deciding the course of your work. You should have a clear mind about the needs of the client and how they fit into the design you made. Don’t allow for excessive information on a single page, especially on the main page. Use links to direct the user to such information.

Compatibility Issues

Another problem the cyber world faces is compatibility between hardware and software. You might have designed a website which runs perfectly in one browser but poses problems in another. Similarly it is better to work with vector format that .png or .JPEG in graphics designing.

Wrong Color and Font Combination

Choosing the wrong color mix or format will affect your design badly. Use non irritating colors to eye. Similarly use simple fonts which are easily readable. Most of the websites allow for a lot of white spaces just to improve readability.
Freelance designers who are new in the field commit certain errors in dealings and working. With the passage of time they learn from such mistakes but it is better to know them beforehand to ward off any losses.

Anne has studied Graphic Design and she loves sharing awesome graphic designing and logo designing tips with her readers. She enjoys playing with colors and thinks learning about latest technology trends is very useful these days.