5 Tips For Getting Better Results From Mobile

5 Tips For Getting Better Results From Mobile

People are using more diverse devices to browse the web than ever before and more and more of these devices are tablets and smartphones. Browsing behavior on such devices is different than on laptop and desktop computers. Because it is very likely that a lot of the traffic to your website will be coming from mobile devices and that this will only increase in the future, it is important that you devise a mobile advertising strategy that tailors ads for these devices and consequently improves your online advertising results. Here are some tips for getting better results from your mobile advertising efforts.

Make Sure That Your Website Works on All Mobile Devices

These days mobile devices aren’t limited to just iPhones and iPads. You need to make sure that your website displays correctly on a number of different Android and IOS devices. If a person lands on your website and finds that scrolling doesn’t work properly on their device or that they can’t read the text on your site because it is too small, they will quickly move on. Creating a great mobile user experience is very important so make sure to test on different devices and alter your website if necessary. A good responsive design is a must for any website these days.

Create Mobile Specific Ads

If you are using Google search ads, you can activate mobile preferred ads through the Advanced Campaigns feature in the Google AdWords backend and use specific ad texts for mobile devices.

Measure Results and Behavior

Use Google Analytics to measure how well your mobile ads are performing and how users on different devices are behaving on your site. Investigate how your ads and site performs on mobile devices compared with desktop performance. If you find that some pages on your website aren’t performing very well on mobile devices according to the key performance indicators you have identified, make some changes and measure whether your results improve.

Funnel Mobile Users Differently

Creating a specific sales funnel for mobile users can significantly improve your conversion rates. People on mobile devices don’t want to search around on a page to see where they need to click, nor do they want to click through 20 times and fill out information on 5 pages before being able to actually buy something or get the information they are after. Your mobile sales funnel needs to be easy, fast and straightforward. That way you’ll lose fewer potential customers along the way.

Leverage Location Information

Many mobile device searches have some geographical intent. People who research products want to buy often still prefer to buy them in a physical store. If possible you should take advantage of this. For example, if your business has physical stores and one happens to be near where the user is performing their search, you can show this information in your advertising message. You can do this using the location extension feature that Google AdWords offers. If your business is using online advertising, but you haven’t set up any specific ads for mobile yet, the time to start doing this is right now. Your competitors are likely already on top of this, so make sure you don’t lose your competitive edge by ignoring the importance of mobile devices. Zane Schwarzlose is an SEO Specialist at Fahrenheit Marketing, an Austin Internet marketing firm. Zane thinks that a mobile-only Internet marketing strategy could be easier to implement and quantify.