11 ways to build appreciation for your tweets

1. Follow them – Pat my back and I will pat yours, Following others who are interested in the same things as you, maybe in the same industry is a good start on Twitter but also think about who might buy your service/product is there a type of Twitter user that might benefit most from your presence on the platform?

I personally believe most people that like what you say will continue to follow you regardless if they are your ‘typical’ market or not and you don’t know who they know and what their needs are so don’t stress too much about who is following you, just try to share useful or fun content.

2. Retweet them – finding others tweets useful and fun? Retweet them, it’ll be seen by the Twitter use favourably and is a positive act for your followers too as they can see that useful information too and also see if what you tweet is to their liking or not.

4. Favourite them – favourting tweets is a useful tool for recording things to refer to later and will also notify the twitter account that you liked what they had to say, this will in turn make the Twitter user feel they have worthy content as well as build a relationship between you and the tweeter.

4. Discuss them – Commenting on others tweets can create conversation and interest in each other as well as awareness amongst the other persons following.

You may even find through appreciation mutual respect is born that may result in the other Twitter user replicating your appreciation and promoting your tweets on their own feed to their followers in the future.

5. List them – Everyone has a speciality that they follow as a career path and the Twitter profile description is usually used to describe what their interests and profession is.

By creating lists specifically for different interests it will firstly make finding specialists on certain topics easier and secondly make the Twitter user feel they have something of value to add to your experience of Twitter making the bond between you and  the follower closer than just another follower.

6. Be useful for them – Tweet things that are useful to your followers, if you are a marketer, of course, regular tweets and retweets about marketing will be useful where as if you are a building maintenance company it may be worth tweeting things that a potential customer might need like ‘how to spot a cowboy builder’.

7. Be visual – not so long  ago Twitter made it possible to include images to appear in others Twitter Feeds. Images are attention grabbing as well as having high viral capability compared to the link or informative tweet and if they are humorous then expect exponential sharing, retweeting and favouriting to ensue.

WARNING : Don’t go overboard with images though, maybe consider an occassional video or blog post. Basically , mix up your content!

8. Talk to them – Start conversations. Don’t just provide a tweet, comment on others tweets and provide the opportunity to build online relationships. Social media is meant to be social so take time to appreciate others whether in your chosen industry or not, don’t just talk to them for selfish reasons like boosting your own sales do it because you genuinely like what they do/say.

9. Send unique DMs – Private messages are more personalised than @messages and if you create a unique/humorous tweet you are more likely get a response. Don’t get disheartened if you don’t get a message back not everyone will.

10. Ask them…nicely! – If you ask people to share, watch or comment on your tweet most people will on occasions. Its important to interact on social media rather than be a dormant thought provider life is more fun and more interesting when we collaborate.

11. Show your personality – whether you are a business or a individual you have a personality and a sense of humour. Don’t be scared of showing your personality, it will make the experience of your social media presence more fun to those who are interested in your topic and increase the likeliness that you will continued to be followed.


Whatever you do on Twitter just have fun with it without hurting anyone in the process and try your up most to add value to people who follow you and you will soon become a highly influential Twitter Account in your chosen industry.