A week without Facebook Day 4

Another day without Facebook, another day with more done. Is this a coincidence or not ? Is Facebook too time consuming or is it simply the fact there is plenty to do?

Update your status, show approval to your friends comments and likes,play games,update business pages, sharing news feeds, connecting various social media platforms together…Facebook really is the social hub of the world.

Another productive day

On this day I went on another little trip to the V & A Museum in London and learnt a lot about the history and cultural differences in the design industries. It was a beautiful building with really impressive architecture and artifacts, I wouldn’t have seen things like this on Facebook, the virtual world can only offer you so much in terms of knowledge. A lot of the information on Facebook is just noise and I would much prefer to gain some knowledge with my time than waste it being fed information on Facebook like a digital sheep.

Is Facebook unproductive

Each day I have been away from Facebook I seem to be more productive with my time and feed my mind with more beneficial information for an advancement in knowledge or life experience. Of course Facebook allows you to share your experiences with friends and family fairly quickly, it just depends if what your friends and family are doing as well as sharing what you are doing with those you know in your life is an important part of your life.


Life is all about choice, Facebook may be very beneficial to some, for those who enjoy the social aspects of life and like to be up on the latest gossip in your social circle really quickly but for others Facebook may be less beneficial. My preferred social media tool at the moment is Twitter as I feel it connects me to people who are interested in the same things I am, it can connect me to knowledge that I may not have previously known in my industry & also takes a lot less time than the other tools you can use to do something similair. The experiment continues…