5 things to think about when designing good digital artwork

Last year I started rebranding an IT company that had two sectors, a data centre consultancy & a state of the art Colocation Data Centre. Both had been branded with separate identities due to the fact the consultancy was very well established and a recognized brand and the investor didn’t want to damage the brand recognition. Considering this the rebranding of the company had to be carefully thought out and the Digital Artwork to be displayed on the walls of the data centre was no different. In this post I discuss 5 things that I feel are important to consider whenever you design some digital artwork for a corporation.[divider style=”1″]

Designing Good Digtal Artwork

1. Corporate Colours or Style

Without saying, it must be easy to identify the art as the ownership of the corporation you are designing for by using their main brand colours or their style in each artwork you create. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the pictures must only contain those colours ( although this may be part of your concept ) you use but being able to instantly recognize the art as the identity of the company will be one step to an excellent piece of corporate art.

2. Relevant Industry Content

Are you designing for an IT company or a florist? What is the business’ mission statement? Is there something unique about the company that can be communicated visually? Considering the connotations of these three points in relation to your clients business is critical to achieve not only a great piece of art but a great piece of advertising too to every potential customer who might see it.

3. Communicate a message

Like in my paintings I try to convey conceptual ideas in every image I create. This is something I feel is important particularly if you can touch the viewers emotional subconscious in some way so that the image remains in their mind..if you achieve this it will help build your brands recognition and awareness.

4. Attempt to make your design timeless

Design that is timeless is incredibly difficult to achieve and it is what a lot of designers dream of.

Design & fashion trends go hand in hand and it can dictate to designers what is expected , you may find your clients have their own ideas what they like because of things they have been influenced by ( such as keep calm and “fill blank”). You need to try and steer your clients away from what they have seen as they are mainly used ideas and show them something unique that will blow them away.

5. Don’t just buy stock art and leave it

Nothing frustrates me more than seeing stock art that has had nothing done to it…at all! Whhhhaaaat!? o_0.

What is even worse is the use of a little 3d white man I keep seeing pop up all over the place. Why people buy these images and consistently use them is beyond me, it clearly shows a lack of creativity and it will make your business look unimaginative & at worse..cheap! It is important to take just elements of stock photos, recolour them, play with them and make something new..that is what I believe makes great digital creations and what will help build your own creativity as a designer.

Here are some of the artworks I created for MigSolv that are found in their state of the art data centre in Norwich. These images are owned and copyright to MigSolv and must not be copied or reused without prior permission.

A0_artwork_environment A0_artwork_fibreoptics_FB A0_artwork_light_spiral A0_tunnel computer_chip_4net Swirl A0_artwork_cctv A0_artwork_eye_abstract A0_artwork_Cave A0_artwork_wi-fi A0_artwork_data_transfer A0_artwork_Conference A0_artwork_plug A0_artwork_motherboard A2_artwork_Reception A0_keyboard A0_artwork_eyescan A0_artwork_circuitboard_MIgSolv

If you have some ideas on designing good digital artwork that you would like to share please comment in the box below. Or if you have a lot to say and would like to guest blog then please feel free to contact me.