Which Social Media is best for me?

Knowing which social media is best for your purpose can be tricky. With so many social media platforms out there it has become quite difficult to decide which ones to use for your business or personal progression. Using them all may not be as beneficial to your company as you may think. It is probably better to harness the power of one than dribble only a little bit of great information out to the public realm. In this post I will discuss various different social media tools and what type of account it is most likely to benefit.



For B 2 B , B 2 C, fans & industry news

If used correctly, Twitter is the most broad ranging tool, that is so easy to get found for those wanting to connect with people in their industry and keep abreast of what is happening. I recommend when you start using twitter to find users that have the same interests as you so for example, i follow artists, designers, marketers, architects, gamers & spiritual people. These are my main interests and so they will also be interested in those areas of my own thoughts thus a follow back process will begin. You will then be able to exchange and share, retweet and make some virtual friends in your little old community! Nothing like meeting those with like minds ay! 🙂 This is why this is my preferred social medium.

Best time to use :

1pm to 3pm

Traffic Builds after 11am

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B 2 C, fans, industry news & younger market

Facebook has the largest audience which you may think is probably the best social media platform to choose for any business but you would be wrong. Why? Well the majority of people who currently use Facebook are young people ( mainly women ) up the ages of 29. These are the people who have little in the way of equity  I would only recommend using this social media platform if you are confident that you are targeting the younger market generation such as music sales and awareness, gaming, fashion & other youth products. In my opinion its a bit harder to get your facebook page found without advertising.

Best time to use :

1pm to 4pm

Wednesday at 3pm is the best traffic time

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B 2 B, Industry news & Job Hunting

LinkedIn is a great tool for those who do a lot of business with other businesses such as those that offer services. Consultancy firms, building maintenance, builders, engineers & such like would find this very beneficial. It is the social network for professionals to create links. It is also a fantastic place to find work. When you enter your skills to your profile LinkedIn use these tagged keywords to bring you jobs that match your ability and to jobs local to where you live! Could you ask for anything better?! If you ever get tired of your job you will never have far to look even in this terrible economic climate.

You can also show how competent you are in your profession by joining groups & answering  questions, posing questions & more! You will make new connections & start to become a recognised voice that obviously loves their industry that way.

Traffic is always best before working hours and just after 5pm Tue – Thu . Mon & Fri aren’t as good for traffic

Best time to use :

7am -9am & 5pm – 6pm

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B 2 C, fans, great for e commerce

The majority of Pinterest users are female living in rural areas with middle to high incomes. It is a social networking platform initially set up to find inspiration to for your next major project but it can also be a great place to showcase products particularly if you are an e commerce owner selling things like jewellery, artworks, fashion or gifts. What is also interesting about pinterest is that out of the current users 50% have children. Sell something children might like? Pinterest is the place for you to be!

Best time to use :

 8pm – 1am & 2pm – 4pm

Traffic is highest of a Saturday morning

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There are many more platforms for social media ( of which i know quite a few for creatives ). I will be sharing them in the very near future on this blog so don’t forget to check back shortly for more tips and tricks on using social media.