What does Art Represent?

So what does art represent?

Art representation is an interesting subject. Many times I have heard a person say “thats a pretty picture”..”wow, that picture looks real!” In my opinion, that is not what art is about. Now I am maybe going to sound really deep and cliché but for me …art is an expression of the soul.

Soul painting

Have you ever really studied 100 different drawings of the same object? Have you noticed that how every persons perception of their reality they are experiencing is different? From the pencil strokes length, thickness , strength, to the shading and proportions are all capturing something different. So when someone tells me “they can’t draw or paint” they are basically telling me they can’t express their souls intention, there is an energy blockage somewhere.

Salvador Dali had lots of soul and personality in his work


Art represents your own self

Art doesn’t need to accurately represent the subject matter to be good art, art just needs to represent an idea, a theory, a concept or an emotion. To me, accurate paintings and drawings, although requiring a lot of talent, attention to detail and a huge amount of patience, really do nothing for me emotionally other than cause confusion. Why draw or paint something a camera can now take a picture of and then be manipulated in photoshop? Back when cameras didn’t exist it was probably beneficial to capture an accurate representation of a king queen or location, but now i believe art isn’t about painting accurately. I want to see a piece of the artists soul captured in their work. Not a piece of work that is “blagging” its way to success through clever words or speeches, I want art that is a piece of work that really touches us our own soul on a deep level and connects us to things we may have forgotten in our busy modern lives. Something that projects emotion and discussion.

In conclusion if what I am suggesting is that art captures a piece of our soul in time then every single one of us can create art. We are all creative beings living in a creative universe, we just need to be shown the way to be creative, the one that really sparks our imagination, maybe its not through painting or drawing, maybe it is music or dance or even acting that helps us show our soul. I believe that you can paint! So please, give it a go, don’t feel you have to draw accurately, just try and express yourself! Have a go and please, send me your work so I can see the results! I look forward to it.