5 Top Blog Directories to submit your Blog to

So you may have noticed that I am trying to make a habit of blogging. It can be quite tricky at times to fit the time in when designing many things and generally just trying to live a normal life but if you do manage to maintain a steady stream of blog posts you are going to start generating some really useful content that others may be able to benefit from but how do people find your blog? Are you relying on Twitter, Facebook & natural search engine results? What about submitting your blog to a few directories?

WordPress, a CMS that was specifically built for blogging websites, generates a RSS feed naturally, if you want to keep tabs on how successful your RSS is being you can create a feedburner RSS feed which gives you oodles of information ( See blog post about RSS Feed ).

I will be giving you 5 blog directories each week over the next month to submit your blog to. I hope you find it useful and if you find any more great directories please feel free to share and I will add it to a subsequent post.

Blog Directories

Blogs Monitor

Blog Monitor
GraphicDesign blog

BlogsMonitor is a directory of blogs covering a broad number of categories and interests. Each blog submitted is reviewed manually and then displayed on the official directory alongside its name, thumbnail, category of interest and description, date of registration, and user ratings covering speed, information and design quality of the blog. Blogsmonitor is free to use.

To submit your own blog you need to first register yourself on the site, by clicking the Register button on the top menu, and then you will be able to submit your blog b using the right side column or by goine to the dedicated submission page

Top of Blogs

top of blogs
Top  blogs
Top of Blogs is an online blog directory where you can list your website, and gain an inbound link that helps you crawl positions inside Google searches. Each website you submit gets published for everyone to see, and it displays some relevant info like your PageRank, a thumbnail of your homepage, the site owner, a statistics graph with unique daily visitors and pageviews during the current week, and more. Registration is mandatory.

To include your site to Top of Blogs, you have to register yourself first. Then select “submit your blog” from the right sidebar panel. Here, type your blog URL, RSS feed URL, title, description and select between one to six tags that describe your blog content.


TopBlogging is a free blog directory where you can submit your site and your RSS feed to get more targeted traffic and backlinks to your pages. The service provides a dedicated page to each blog inside the directory where you can read the stats of the blog, the summary of every article the you submit and you can also click on the link to visit the original website. Registration is mandatory to utilize TopBlogging.

To submit your blog to TopBlogging, first you need to register. Then, enter the URL of your blog, the URL of your RSS feed, add the title of your blog and write a short description. Last, choose a category and the language you write in. You can also add a banner and a tag description to promote your blog inside TopBlogging.


FuelMyBlog is a free blog submission community where you can add your blog and your RSS feed to create more backlinks for your pages and have more people coming to your site. FuelMyBlog also allows you to share, vote, promote other blogs inside the directory. You can add an unlimited number of blogs to the portal. Registration is mandatory.

To submit your blog to FuelMyBlog, just register and then add the title and URL of your blog, along with a short description for your site. Last, choose a category and upload an image to represent your blog. FuelMyBlog will generate a link that you can post to your own site to validate the submission process.



Top Blogs

Blog Toplist is a human-reviewed blog directory where you can promote the content of your blog to a wider audience to gain backlinks and traffic. You can submit both the URL of your blog and your RSS feed. Registration is mandatory.

To submit your blog to Blog Toplist, you first have to place a button with a reciprocal link to Blog Toplist on your website / blog. Then head to the submission page, provide your registration credentials and add the usual information about your website (title, URL, description, etc.).