“Let’s go” – an Acrylic Painting by JA Wilson Designer & Artist

As a child born in the 1980’s i was a keen video game player. One of the computers I played the most was the Amiga 500. I used to spend many hours playing these games, loosing myself in the imaginary world of video game artists. One of the most famous games that I used to play was Lemmings. Lemmings was about helping a group of little green haired. blue gown wearing critters get home without being squished using various means such as building brings, floating to the ground , bashing walls and more little activities. This acrylic painting is based around this game and my philosophy on the journey of life.

“Lets Go”

Whoever we are, in life, no matter our background we all have the common  charactertistic of being born, in Lemmings this birth for the lemmings comes through the doors as the first lemming initiates the level by “saying lets go.”

lemmings painting, lets go!

Choosing what path to take

As we grow in life we gain roles depending upon the environment we live and are nurtured in. Usually that is what defines what career we decide to take ( or albiet, decide working isn’t worth the effort) sometimes like in lemmings, the route we take is defined by others, whether it be a friend giving advice, a family occupation that is passed down from father to son or being influenced by a need to earn or just survive in life. As you study the painting you will notice that some lemmings are blocking others route, were as some of the others are building bridges. Each lemming is doing its own thing but whilst doing it, creating a route for the others to follow. One couple though are taking time out of their life journey for some sweet sweet loving! Hubba hubba!!
Lets go painting by JA Wilson Design

We are greatly influenced by others

There is no getting away from it, we are very easily influenced by others opinions or choices, especially if it helps us fit into “society”. We do what is expected of us, what profession we should take, what will give us vast wealth and comfort. Following the route of the masses is often seen as the sensible thing to do, why break the norm when it has worked so well. It could be said that Humans generally do not like change.Those who do decide to change direction and not follow convention are often seen as outcasts, radicals, unrealistic or some other negative label.

 Being different

Depending on a person environment, something may begin to click inside their brain. Expected conventions and routes in life seem dull and unrewarding for far too long whilst not feeling particularly amazed by what life is offering them by doing the general thing that is expected and suddenly, one realizes, society’s norms and all the advice given to them on their journey isn’t giving that particular lemming a fulfilling life.

rocket propelled lemmings

Passing through life

As we pass through life I think it can become too easy to regret things you should have done or never thought about doing. That is why we shouldn’t miss the opportunity to take a different to everyone else before we reach the golden gates ( or in the lemmings case the torched exit) of heaven.

Don’t miss the beauty of the world

Following others and having what may be considered a “normal” regular life can mean that you don’t get to experience much of the beauty that this world has to offer. We can easily become pre-occupied with trying to make lots of money, general working and being too risk averse. I believe we often forget that life can be very exciting if we choose to do what we want and take time to stop working and appreciate the natural world in which we live in. Our worlds natural beauty is sometimes forgotten,  as is our dreams, goals and fantasies, as though they are not achievable or simple folly to the “grown up” world.

lets go painting close up

 Believing in your dreams

You may notice one lemming holding a large yellow balloon, like that of a party balloon. Yellow because he is optimistic of his future and achieving his dreams, wanting to see what he can find by seeing what is out of picture of this view, the view that most will see before he reaches his goal of death. He has took the difficult decision to be different, im sure he will create a much more interesting story by taking the risks.



we must think, is the life we are leading really going to make us feel fulfilled by the time we reach death’s door? Death can come to us at any time so you really need to ask yourself this seriously, “am i living my life to the full?“, “am i being influenced too much by what society expects and others thoughts?“, “are my friends and family influencing me a bit too much?” “what would I really like to say I have achieved by the time i die?”.

I believe these to be questions we should always have in our mind so by the end of the game of life we can say

“Yippee! I did it!!”

balloon, choosing to take a totally different route to most