8 design/creative FREE programs to download

Finding out that the infamous Adobe suite costs thousands of pounds can be quite depressing to the newly qualified or budding designer, being able to afford these packages, even with the new monthly £50 cloud platform is still too expensive for many. Alas, there are several programmers in the world that realise how big a problem it is for the creatives with limited funds and thus several free programs to download have been born!

If you know of any others please do share them by commenting in the box below and if I find any others I also will comment too!


Photo/Graphic Manipulation



GIMP is a photo manipulation program that is totally free but has quite a different layout to Photoshop. If you have used Photoshop before it can be a bit of a learning  curve, learning how things are placed differently and what tools are and aren’t available..for me it doesn’t seem to flow as well as Photoshop but then if you can’t afford Adobe this is the best alternative!

Download GIMP


audacity free audio softwareAudacity

Audacity is a great free audio recording program. It can be really useful if you want to create podcasts or even record sounds on your computer. A great little tool for all your sound needs.

Download Audacity Link

3D Modelling


Blender is a free 3d modelling program that can be used for animation or still 3D imagery. It has a very similar feel to that of the infamous 3ds max program and can really produce some stunning results if mastered.

Please click here to download the program

Game Making

Game MakerGame Maker: Studio

Fancy yourself as a bit of a games producer? Always had games ideas? Then download this free program…admittedly…it does also have the feature of upgrading to more advanced versions for a small fee but if you have the next mario world idea it could well be worth your time!

Please click here to download GameMaker


dafont - free fonts


dafont.com is a great little website that regularly updates with free fonts that can be used for free.

Check it out now

dafont - free fonts

Font Squirrel
Font Squirrel is a great little website that regularly updates with free fonts that can be used for free.
Check it out now


Thunderbird download

Thunderbird email

Thunderbird is a free email application that’s easy to set up and customize – and it’s loaded with great features!

Check it out now


Please bookmark this page as I will be updating this page regularly with free software the more I come across…if you have any software you know of please contact me and I will review it and add it to this section of the website.

Photo Dater Stamper


This program is used to add dates to digital photographs. You can use the properties of the photograph to make sure the correct date is added. This can be useful for you if you want to not only remember the fun you had but also remember when it took place.

Download it here