7 Websites that gives ROYALTY FREE images for blogs and or graphics projects

Recently, when I was browsing the blog of a fellow creative I noticed their image was quite snazzy and I was fairly impressed alongside the excellent content that had been written by this person. As I reached the bottom I realised that they hadn’t in fact created the image themselves but used a website that allows you the use free images for blogs as long as you link back to their website. This website is Freepik.com.

1. Freepik.com

Freepik website offers free images for blogs and also some vectors and psds

If you are looking for free vectors, PSDs, icons or photos this is the perfect website for you as long as you are happy to state that you got the image from freepik.com which seeing how long it takes to create an illustration seems like a fairly reasonable payment for their generosity.

2. Death to the stock photo

Death to stock photos

Death to the stock photo was a great little find that sends me free images to use on my blogs ever so often and they are of the highest quality. You can pay $10 per month and receive a lot more images but I’m pretty happy with the free ones, for now at least!

4. Free Photos Bank

Free Photos Bank is a nice website that offers many free images that are all nicely categorised. You don’t need a login either so downloading is pretty straightforward, definitely one for the bookmarks!

5. Pixabay

pixabay also offers free images for blogs and also videos and music

Most image sites require you to give attributions for the work of the website to help build its linking but with pixabay they just want you to have a jolly good time creating good images and great content, probably one of the best websites out there for totally free imagery! Pixabay 

6. Unsplash

unsplash homepage, you can get free images for blogs here

This is a particularly good site for moody and artistic imagery. Often with added effects and excellent settings makes this one of my main go-to for royalty-free imagery. I’d recommend adding unsplash.com to anyone list of useful image resources.

7. Pexels

pexels.com get free images for blogs from this website

Pexels is also a good site and also includes videos, similar to pixabay. It offers a large variety of images that you may not find on the other mentioned sites so is always worth a visit to give your website, graphic design project or blog a slightly different image than the others. You can visit pexels by clicking this link.

Other places to get free images for blogs and graphic design projects

There are other places you get free images to use for varying purposes and I have written about them before in several blogs which are below: –

Free images for blog posts, no catches! This is a brief overview of a website and the use of google images with advanced options.

Free texture images for use in graphic design projects. In this blog post, I discuss several places to get several free images for use to add some character to your graphic design work.

Know of more sites for free images for blogs or use on your websites?

It is time-consuming creating images to go alongside your blogs but these websites can help remove the difficult part of finding relevant images to sit alongside your freshly created blog post that much easier. Do you know of any other websites that offer free images or that are useful for blogging? Please comment in the box below.

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