Finding out you are dyslexic

You may have noticed that sometimes ( actually…probably quite often!) that my blog posts can have grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Sometimes I only realize after I have read what I have wrote three or four times and it can be quite frustrating to say the least. The odd thing is, as a child, I won a trophy for creative writing, I completed all of my school qualifications with good grades and I managed to see through two of the most difficult degrees possible in Architecture & Teaching. Okay Architecture may be more practical but we still have to write about Architectural History & the technology as well as read how things are built and how famous architects have conceived their ideas. It was only when I had to take QTS ( Qualified Teacher Status ) tests that I realized I may have a problem in this area. I passed my IT and Maths test with ease it was the english test that caused me problemos!

Taking a Dyslexic test

When I realized that things were proving extremely difficult in the english test and finding it really hard to concentrate on the words I decided to contact my university health department and organise a test.

The time came for me to take a test…was I feeling ashamed or bothered by the fact I may be dyslexic? Not at all, if anything it would be kind of a relief as I have always struggled with concentrating on reading things so it would explain a lot to me and also a lot of famous genius are also dyslexic ( i am not saying I am genius by the way, just that there is nothing wrong in admitting you are this way ). Anyway I took the test and it was like playing games! It was quite fun actually! By the end of the test the examiner explained to me that I was moderately dyslexic but it was probably too late to get a free laptop due to the fact I was ending my degree.

So if you are in your first or second year at university ( or even at secondary school! ) and recognize you might be dyslexic then please, for your own sake get a test as early as possible because the benefits will be great ( including a free laptop! Now that can’t be bad? )

 Is it shameful?

No it is not, in a way I was quite proud to think that I had been through my whole education ( not one teacher that met in my education had spotted that I was that severely dyslexic and had evolved coping mechanisms. )Here are just a few famous people that are dyslexic.

What do you notice about all of them? All of them think differently, all of them push boundaries of their industry and all of them are seen as highly creative. Would you be ashamed to say you are in the same group as these people? I think not. It doesn’t mean you are going to be a genius just because you have the same trait as these great icons, it just means that if you are dyslexic your mind works in a slightly different way than others.


So im guessing you are thinking…am I dyslexic? Here are common characteristics : –

  • Appears bright, highly intelligent, and articulate but unable to read, write, or spell at grade level.
  • Labelled lazy, dumb, careless, immature, “not trying hard enough,” or “behavior problem.”
  • Isn’t “behind enough” or “bad enough” to be helped in the school setting.
  • High in IQ, yet may not test well academically; tests well orally, but not written.
  • Feels dumb; has poor self-esteem; hides or covers up weaknesses with ingenious compensatory strategies; easily frustrated and emotional about school reading or testing.
  • Talented in art, drama, music, sports, mechanics, story-telling, sales, business, designing, building, or engineering.
  • Seems to “Zone out” or daydream often
  • Has extended hearing; hears things not said or apparent to others; easily distracted by sounds.
  • Difficulty putting thoughts into words; speaks in halting phrases; leaves sentences incomplete; stutters under stress; mispronounces long words, or transposes phrases, words, and syllables when speaking.
  • Strong sense of justice; emotionally sensitive; strives for perfection.

Click here for more characteristics

These are just a few and doesn’t mean you are definitely dyslexic just because you have these conditions, the only way to find out for sure is to take the test. Its nothing to be ashamed of, as you can see, it just means your brain works slightly differently than the average person. If you are dsyslexic then please say howdy! Adios for now..