Creating a branded Twitter Background

1) Twitter Backgrounds are left-aligned.

If you look at my twitter background you can see that my icon is to the left. When designing keep in mind that it will be JUST the left side of your tweets that will be being branded. important background content on the left of the screen.


2) Feeling the squeeze

Standard Resolutions of new laptops are increasing all the time but it is said that to reach all users of Twitter you should design something between 66px and 194px, a lot of users still use small 640 x 480 screens so you must consider that. If you believe your target market are more likely to own the latest technology then you can go as wide as 520px but no further. Remember…although your width is limited your height isn’t as restricting!

3) Background beauty

All good branding has one or two colours that help your company get instant recognition in your industries field. Try not to include your url on the background, thats what the your detailed information is for! Maybe you could use the space to advertise a latest promotion. I recommend just trying to keep it as simple as possible. Minimalism is the way forward.

4) Make your Twitter Background Colour Match the Image Background Colour

This will help your brand look like an integral part of your twitter page, like its always been there. Its always nice to fit in isnt it?

5) Use .PNG to Save Your Background Image

The JPG image format is a lossy format, meaning you sacrifice picture quality to save file size. PNG files will be slightly larger, but will keep your details in-tact; which is VERY important if you will be using small text in your background.

6) Upload Your branded twitter background and Test it Live.

The most exciting part of any creation is seeing the finished product! Get that sexy image out there and show the world who you are and what you are all about!

If design isn’t your bag and you need branded twitter background designing for you but don’t know where to start please feel free to contact me and I will en devour to help you. Lets tweet the right message to your followers!