Create a proper email signature in MS Outlook ( MAC )

 Email Signatures, as you may have already discovered, are very important if you want your clients (or potential customers) to perceive you as a professional. In my previous post I discussed what a good signature should look like and what to include as well as what to avoid. In this blog post I will show you how to create a signature in MS Outlook for Mac.

Outlook 2010 Setting up an email signature in MS Outlook ( MAC )


MS Outlook Menu on MAC

1. To begin click Outlook > Preferences…

Next you will see a box pop up similair to the one here.

Outlook 2010 Mac Settings

2. You  can probably guess what you need to click but just incase you don’t click Signatures and it will reveal the box below.

MS Outlook Mac signature box

3. I recommend using a simple text editor to create your design for your email signature such as the one provided with your Mac – “Textedit”. There are plenty of free text editors for download, just check out the freeware section of this site for some examples.

Free Text Tool

4. Once you are happy with your footer simply copy the text (cmd & c) and paste it into the signature area of outlook.

Signature Example

5. Don’t close this just yet! Click the button “Default Signatures…

selecting your email signature in MS Outlookthis will bring a box up where you can select the footer in a drop down box ( this is because you can create multiple footers for multiple emails by clicking the plus button seen in the pic above. This can be good practice if you have different offices or different sections of your business i.e a customer services department or in my case varying design products )you wish dependent on the email account you want to associate it with. Depending how many emails you use for Outlook it will give various options. Once you are happy with your selection click ok.

Finally create a new email and you should find your new email footer awaiting you there. If you have any problems please don’t hesitate to contact me.

In my next blog post I will discuss how to create an email signature in the free email client Thunderbird.