Can everyone paint?

This has been a long debated question, can everyone paint? Art through the centuries has been a very elitist environment and as an amateur artist, a very hard industry to break into as a profession. Becoming a successful artist doesn’t mean you need to be as high quality as Leonardo Da Vinci himself in showing accurate representations of life, but instead it is more important that you are highly linguistic, confident and lastly, a good salesman, able to sell a dead sheep’s crap to the upper class toffs for a few thousand pounds, then you know you are a successful artist.


…or are you?


I thought art was about the creation not the words?

You may have realized i have diverted slightly from the original question but with good reason. Many people walk around galleries and see modern art as child’s play and have an attitude of ” i could do that!” or “my child did a painting like that just yesterday!”. You may be able to do it and your child may be able to create a Picasso probably just as well as Picasso did but where the argument is built is what does your work mean? Does it have deep conceptual meaning, does it provoke an emotional reaction or is it just a pretty picture? Does it show a unique painting style or new way of looking at life or possibly represent an important political issue?

Creating art work is not only about painting something pretty but it should stir a reaction and discussion. So in conclusion to the original question, can everyone paint? Yes everyone can paint but not everyone can create art. Never say you can’t paint as that is a lie to your own self. Believe in yourself put paint to canvas and you will be surprised at what you can create.


Next Blog Article I will be discussing what I believe painting represents.

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