Business Card Inspiration

As a regular blogger of all things creative and design related I know how difficult it can be to get your work out there and noticed, especially if your marketing budget doesn’t stretch so far, i.e. a start up company or someone hoping to break into an industry. If you design business cards and are particularly proud of what you have created the design industry love to see your work. I know how much I love admiring the works of others, sometimes I get completely wow’d and think how did they do that!? Other times I get hugely inspired and it leads me onto a trail of creative thoughts of my own. Like the more money you spread around, the more creativity you share with the world the more than that comes to you.

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I recently uploaded my business card design for MigSolv Data Centre Consultancy & Data Centre Designers to a fantastic little website, .

If you are either : –

  • a) Looking for business card inspiration
  • b) Looking for a clever business card designer

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Then this is the site for you. Don’t delay, visit today!

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