A week without Facebook Day 3

Half way through this experiment I have woke up with quite an urge to reactivate my Facebook account but my partner helped me refrain from taking this step and ending the experiment early. I guess the onset of cold turkey is setting in…

Really starting to miss Facebook

As a regular user of many social media platforms from Twitter to Deviantart, Facebook is what I feel to be the hub of all social media platforms. Many programs and applications such as Flickr even now offer the option of signing in via Facebook which makes it a one click easy sign in. This little feature can make having Facebook improve your web experience that little bit more.

My other thing that I am missing is checking on my family, making sure everything is okay with them back in my home town. I know I can pick up the phone and see if they are doing well if I really want to but I guess what Facebook does is speed up the process of communicating and free up time to do other things.


Negative impact of social media

As social media tools such as Facebook make information and data arriving at you within a couple of seconds I believe that the use of technology is making a lot of us less patient and dare i say it..lazy? One of the reasons I am missing Facebook is because signing in to websites can take 10 seconds less, so I can check on my family quickly and easily..is that a reason to have a social media tool or should I try to regain my ability to gain patience and take the effort of contacting people “the old fashioned way” by telephone?

Too many thoughts will breed the sheep

I also believe that putting attention into too many different areas can also have a negative impact upon us. We will forget things we are meant to do, reduce our attention span, reduce our patience, clutter our mind, decrease the quality of our work & for the media, become an easy person to manipulate.

Which way am I swinging?

Right now I can say that I am swinging slightly further away from Facebook than towards it, the low attention span & lack of quality time spent on doing things worthwhile out way the use of Facebook to keep in touch with close ones. Whether this will remain so by the end of the week is yet to be seen.