A week without Facebook day 1


Today is my first day of the week without Facebook not using the social media king. Want to know how my day gone? Have I felt withdrawal symptoms or has it it been a blessing and have I been more productive without it? Has Facebook become so important for modern living? Find out what life is like for a young designer without Facebook usage for just one day.

The Good Points of Day 1

Starting my day differently

Usually, when Facebook is active I turn off my alarm, i slowly open my eyes, pick up my phone and scroll down to the Facebook app to see what people have said the night before and see the latest things the pages I follow are talking about or promoting. Today…it was different. I gave my partner a good morning kiss and made her breakfast in bed and then decided to read that book I had got half way through but never managed to finish, I looked for jobs my partner and a new place to live..a very productive morning!

If Facebook was still active

I probably would have got distracted by notifications of people updating their status…I may have got bored of reading my book about seducing the subconscious in advertising and had a quick gander at my Facebook news feed or played a game…I do believe without Facebook active I was more productive.

Spoke to family more

I am not great at keeping in touch via the old fashioned telephonic waves, it’s not something I find that much enjoyment in. Don’t get me wrong, I care about my family a great deal but telephones are so boring thus why Facebook is much better for me to keep in touch with people I know rather than using the phone, but it was nice to have a little catch up on the phone.

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The Bad Points of Day 1

Concern about family

As a person that moved away from his home town a year ago to pursue a career in his chosen field Facebook has become a way of my family seeing what I am up to without having to phone me up and speak to me…I am not the greatest person at ringing family and friends, telephones just don’t do it for me..I’d much rather talk face to face.

It also works the other way…with my family being over 200 miles away from me I can see what they are doing and if everything is going well without having to phone them..that is an obvious benefit of Facebook I am missing.

Spoke to family more

This might sound quite harsh but I just don’t really like using the telephone, it takes too much time and I spent an hour and half using the phone because my family wanted to hear from me and they couldn’t see my latest status update ( and they don’t use twitter either so they can’t find me there. )…So technically i may have actually been using more of my time keeping in touch without Facebook than with it.

Facebook Games

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I am a regular player of top eleven and I cant access my team unless I have access to Facebook…this is a major bummer 🙁 and that is probably the main thing I am missing from the Facebook experience right now.

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Life better or worse without Facebook?

It is too early to make this decision but I would say that I feel more at ease in the mind without Facebook on my first day. I do feel some concern for how my family are doing…and yes my football team on top eleven :(.

I know if Facebook was still active I would be accessing it whilst watching TV checking my Facebook friends status & updates, playing games or sharing an interesting feed on Facebook pages…is it really a good use of time to use Facebook whilst having the Television on or is our mind getting unnecessarily clogged by more and more information that may not even be benefiting my experience of life? The experiment continues…