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Why should I blog on my website?

Blogging is something I decided to take up on my website only this January and I have found it to have many benefits not only to my website’s traffic but also in many other areas of my professional and personal life. In this post I discuss why you should,without hesitation, take up blogging on your website.

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Search Engines will love you

What search engines love is content and the more you blog the more content you are generating for robots to munch on.

The reason this is so good for your business/profession is that the more topics you write about the more keywords that are generated to get your website found and the only way to generate more business is to gain more brand awareness. For example, right now I have created just over 100 blog posts and gain roughly 2,000 unique visitors per month and it is all thanks to my blog.

Reach a larger audience

By blogging you are diversifying who you get your message out to in two different ways. The first way is that you become an international man ( or woman ) of mystery just like Austin Powers! The audience that visit my blog aren’t only British, actually the majority of my visitors actually come from the USA, people who would have been very unlikely to have ever heard about my work otherwise.

The second way is it attracts both the fellow professional advancing their skills but also those who need an expert to help them complete simple tasks. Imagine, for example, a lawyer comes to my site visiting “Add social media icons to your email signature” but is impressed by the free knowledge and so see’s what other services I offer. Realising he has wanted to rebrand his logo for a while he notices my service and makes some enquiries…and thus a lead is generated.

Encourages Learning

Blogging really encourages you to learn new things. As a regular blogger I want to create content that others are really going to benefit from, increase their own knowledge and also be quite entertaining. I have found the more I blog the easier it becomes to find new topics to write about and more interesting ways to present information.

Shows you are knowledgeable

You may think that giving away your knowledge of how to do things is absolute suicide for your business but you would be wrong. By sharing your knowledge it shows others that you have a good ability in what you have chosen as a profession and it also shows that you have confidence in your ability so aren’t scared about others gaining your knowledge.

Gives you a standing in your industry

When you write about topics that interest you you are also inadvertently becoming a respected professional in your industry. At first, you will only have a few blog posts about your particular topic but if you manage to blog every day for a year that will be 365 blog posts and a lot of shared knowledge, you could become the Gandalf wizard of your trade.

Question yours and others opinions

When you start blogging you will find yourself reading others websites and blogs quite often. What you read you won’t always agree with and it can spark your blogging creativity. For instance I read a blog post about five things to make a perfect logo and one of the points was that a logo must be timeless and I considered this to be rubbish! If you are interested in why I think this you can read the blog post here.

Look at things from different perspectives

If you read the last blog post I just referred to is, I know, opinionated ( but unlike the real world, being opinionated is quite important when blogging ). Even though I have my belief it is important to be able to try and see particular topics from different points of view. Learning to try and see things from more than one perspective makes for great reading and is also a skill that is useful in day to day life as it makes us become more compassionate and able to weigh up the pro’s and con’s of every situation, whether business or friendships.

An asset and a resource

When learning about new things and sharing it via your blog you are also creating a directory of resources that you can use in your future works. For example I created a blog post called 11 Free Texture Websites ( which interestingly was shared quite a lot via tumblr & twitter ), this is a really useful tool for fellow graphic designers and actually, from a selfish stand point, very beneficial to me too!

Keeps a curiosity

Life is about change and everything is constantly changing. By blogging it forces you to stay abreast of what is changing and converse your own views and experiences of what you are learning as time, tech and trends change.

Curiosity is great for creativity and if you think of the most curious people in the world…they tend to be children because they have a keen desire to learn!

Blogging allows you to become that curious child again, we should all be living lives as Peter Pan characters!

It can be a lot of fun

Above all blogging can be ( and is ) fun!

If you are a creative person then sharing what you know with others can be great entertainment and really good use of your time, so rather than watching some television switch it off, get your laptop out and start typing.

It has more benefit to your professional life than being spoon fed by a television program.

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So why should I blog on my website?

If you aren’t already blogging and you are the owner of a website I hope this blog post has given you an insight into why it is so rewarding and a no brainer to take some time to create at least one or two blog posts a week. I can promise you that you will not regret it.

Do you have any experiences of blogging you would like to share? Please comment in the box below