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Finding and discovering keyword competition

Being close to the front of organic search results is really important to anyone who owns a website. It is seen as the holy grail of a good website but it isn’t always easy to reach the top as many a blog owner knows.

Semrush keyword discovery tool


Semrush tool helps you discover who is ranking highest for particular keywords and in which country, you can discover which keywords are particularly expensive or alternatively cheap, if they are increasing in price to help you with your Adwords campaigns.

Discovering related keywords

Not only can you see how a particular keyword is performing and who is achieving the best result in search engines for it but you can also discover other keywords that relate to the keyword you are trying to target.

The benefit of discovering keywords is that when you start writing new blog posts or web pages around your product or service you can discover which keywords are less competitive and what seems to be trending to boost the likely traffic to your website.

So for example, in the below image you can see how many times ‘cardigan’ keyword has been searched for (49,500), how much it costs per click (CPC) and what I think is very beneficial, how competitive the keyword is to allow your content to be found and clicked on, the lower the number the less competitive the keyword.


There are many more options but I will let you explore the keyword discovery website for yourself. Just know that on the free version you can only search for a small amount of keywords and you don’t get as much results as you would on the paid version. Don’t let that put you off, go and check it out NOW!

Is the keyword still trending?

Lastly, to make sure you are targeting a keyword that may be increasing in popularity check out Google Trends. This tool helps you see if your particular topic is going to be worth the effort. Will it bring in a massive influx of new traffic and hopefully fans of your content or not?

If the keyword is not going to attract people to your website how else can you bring your services into your potential customers consciousness? Can you target another keyword, do you need to rethink your product and or service? Or do you need to reconsider how to reach out to the potential market you are targeting?



I hope you find these tools useful and if you have any other suggestions about creating great content to help improve organic search results and traffic then please feel free to comment in the box below.

    How to use the Twitter Hash Tag in 3 easy steps

    The hash tag for many has proven to be quite an elusive tool for most to understand. I often hear people say “what is it for?” or “should i use it in my tweets?” and even “how do i use it?”. Hash tagging in your tweets can really help you use twitter more effectively and in this blog post I will tell you just how you can make the most of the hash.

    Don’t make a hash of it

    1. Hash tag relevant keywords

    If you are not very familiar with internet search engine optimisation you may not know what a keyword is ( sorry web gurus just helping everyone out! ). A keyword is basically how you get something found by a major search engine. So for example you may target “plumbing” if you are in the building trade. So when you write a tweet…study it! What keyword might really stand out to your potential consumers. Who do you want to find you on twitter?

    Here is an example of one of my tweets with the use of hashtags : –

    I was tweeting about a really interesting marketing article by market gravity. The two keywords I have selected here are marketing and gamification so if anyone use the discover tool and types in either of these keywords then they may appear in the results for people searching.

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    2. Be hip with the hash

    Twitter does you a little wee favour and informs you on the homepage of what is currently trending ( another words what most people are looking for and also talking about ). if you can inco-operate this into your own tweets then  you may reach a larger audience with your tweet.

    3.Experiment & make it 2nd nature

    Once you get the hang of spotting keywords in your tweet it will become second nature to you to do this every time you tweet. Just try experimenting, maybe look over your tweet once or twice before posting, replacing any word with the important keyword or a word you may think is more likely to be searched for. Really Twitter is meant to be enjoyed, a place to share your thoughts without any judgement and connect with those who think similiar to you.

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    Do you think the hash tag has much worth? Do you use it ? what are your tips to using it more effectively? Please feel free to share in the comment box below and keep on hashing!