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7 Websites that gives ROYALTY FREE images for blogs and or graphics projects

Recently, when I was browsing the blog of a fellow creative I noticed their image was quite snazzy and I was fairly impressed alongside the excellent content that had been written by this person. As I reached the bottom I realised that they hadn’t in fact created the image themselves but used a website that allows you the use free images for blogs as long as you link back to their website. This website is Freepik.com.

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Free images for blogs and websites no catches!

Not everyone is a graphic designer and not everyone can create something from nothing other than a reason but we all know image are important in illustrating our work. As a graphic designer I realise stock images have their benefit but can be quite expensive to the newbie blogger or start up company, but there is a solution!

Free images website

When I allowed my first guest blog onto my websites blog I was made aware of smartphotostock. You can use any of the images as long as you provide a link on the blog back to the original source, in effect, adding a new back link to the website and improving the SEO of the free image site.For the new designer/blogger this isn’t a problem, offering this small link is a small price to pay compared to a stock image fee.

Making eye catching images from scratch takes quite some time, and an understanding of a graphic design program such as Photoshop or free product GIMP to name but two is necessary, as well as having to find the right images/photos to put together the perfect aesthetics and if you are not the creative type then this website will be a perfect solution.

An alternative way to gain free images

For a long period of time people have been using Google Images to high jack the hard work of digital and graphic artists saving and copying the perfect image easily. Basically you are being a bit of a naughty boy or girl because this is against copyright, naughty naughty! But you can still use google images to find pictures for ‘commercial use’ by going into an advanced search ( see image below. )

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 12.55.48

Where else do you get free images? Do you know of any great places to gather resources? Please  comment in the box below.