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Finding out you are dyslexic

You may have noticed that sometimes ( actually…probably quite often!) that my blog posts can have grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Sometimes I only realize after I have read what I have wrote three or four times and it can be quite frustrating to say the least. The odd thing is, as a child, I won a trophy for creative writing, I completed all of my school qualifications with good grades and I managed to see through two of the most difficult degrees possible in Architecture & Teaching. Okay Architecture may be more practical but we still have to write about Architectural History & the technology as well as read how things are built and how famous architects have conceived their ideas. It was only when I had to take QTS ( Qualified Teacher Status ) tests that I realized I may have a problem in this area. I passed my IT and Maths test with ease it was the english test that caused me problemos! Continue “Finding out you are dyslexic”