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THE best print plug-in for wordpress CMS websites

You’ve started blogging a few times a week, you’ve added an RSS feed for all your fans to be able to follow you but some people don’t really like reading things on a screen ( me being one of those littlet ole chaps! ) so you want to add a print plug-in to your fabulous website but.. which one??! I have tried and tested a few different plug-ins and some of them are good but then advertise your competitor websites because it looks for keywords in the doc! ( I am not sure the person you are designing a website for will be best pleased with that!) and I finally came to this plug in…this is the daddy of all print wordpress plugins. It is the world’s best and most used eco-friendly print tool on WordPress. Top sites such as NBC News, CNN & Disney offer its users an economically and ecologically friendly printing and saving experience that saves paper, ink, and money while saving trees ( and you know what!? Im a tree hugger, so yeah…im loving this plug in, time to spread the luuuuurrrrv! ). Continue “THE best print plug-in for wordpress CMS websites”