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Instagram tips | Dos & Dont of using Instagram – revisited

3 months ago I wrote a blog post about the does and don’ts of using Instagram and have been conducting experiments for the last 3 months to see if what I suggested worked and to some level, yes it did but there is way plenty of work to do on building a genuine following and its more work than I anticipated. In this post I discuss what I found out and several other Instagram tips on how to continue to grow my following. Continue “Instagram tips | Dos & Dont of using Instagram – revisited”

Dos and donts of building your Instagram account

I have been using Instagram for over a year now and probably, not in the right way for building a following that relates to my brand.

I used it more as a way to store photographs of my personal life which is okay for some if that is all you want to do with this visual social media tool but I have bigger plans to connect with the world, fellow creatives and share my inspirations with people.

I realise if I use Instagram correctly to build a brand I can reach potential customers in a new and more entertaining way. But like anything, it is simply understanding tools properly to help you grow an audience that is interested in what you have to offer. Continue “Dos and donts of building your Instagram account”