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The Heart-Seat of The Soul

Who are they?

The Heart Seat Of The Soul is run by David Cotgrave, an energy psychology practitioner based on the Wirral. His practice offers Dreamworks, Kinesiology, and EFT. David didn't haven't a website when approaching us and was a little apprehensive about the technology and what it meant to have a website. Realising this, we put together a plan of how we could help.


David was a very experienced energy psychology practitioner and didn’t really know how to market himself. He didn’t really understand what a website is or the cost involved, he also didn’t really have a solid brand in place. David had a great idea on how to help people but needed guidance on how to build his brand into a more professional, consistent, and authoritative figure within his industry.


To help The Heart-Seat of the Soul develop their brand further we provided the following solution: –

  • Designed and printed new leaflets for upcoming events.
  • Provided a consistent style of branding throughout all materials.
  • Provided a simple website to establish his online presence.
  • Register David’s business with Google My Business for local search results.
  • Design his Instagram imagery and manage his profile to provide more consistent imagery, messaging, hashtagging.
  • Improve his following to be relevant and those interested in what he provides.
  • Create an e-commerce platform to enable him to sell his wares and take payments for therapy online.



The Heat Seat Of The Soul, when they approached us, didn’t really have a brand image as such.

They had a logo but not really much else.

Listening closely to what David does, we aimed to portray his business by first building a consistent brand story for the Heart Seat Of The Soul. With much of what David does focus on energy psychology and dreams, we felt the mysticism of the night sky and the universe would best represent this connection, the time we dream, and the connection to the universal energies and mystical nature of outer space. Looking at the night sky the colour scheme became apparent. Deep blues, whites, and yellows, and also the inclusion of his original pink to add life to what could have been a cold representation.

Logo Design

The new branding concept of the universe and the night sky and the soft tones of pink and golden yellow helped to form the beginnings of improving the representation of the logo and future marketing material.

Enhancing The Logo & Flyer Design

Once we had established a theme for The Heart Seat Of The Soul we were then asked to develop some leaflets. With the stars theme in mind, we created several flyers for talks about the work that they undertake. We selected appropriate fonts and colours to give a warm and welcoming feel whilst maintaining a professional brand image. We also printed the flyers for the owner which were printed to a very high level, using one-sided gloss 450gsm A5 leaflets to provide a feeling of quality to those who pick it up.

Heart-Seat of The Soul Leaflet

Website Design

Website Design

David was a bit apprehensive about getting a website at first but after a while, realised there was a great benefit in having one, not least it being the heartbeat of all other marketing efforts.

We helped bring The Heart Seat Of The Soul brand identity together following a similar style to what the leaflet was designed in. Once we had built the website we spent time with David training him on how to use his site and how to add new articles to it. We also helped David get his business listed on Google so that when people search for energy psychology in his area his website would be one of the first to be displayed. Once David had overcome his nerves about getting a new website he was really happy with the look and feel of it.

We helped guide him towards what kind of content he should write for each page, stating the importance of how it could help someone who may be searching for his type of therapy and built upon his established brand identity with further inclusion of colours, fonts, and branding message.

bespoke wordpress website by The Change Creative

Digital Design

Social Media Design

Once David had established his new website, brand, and leaflet designs he wanted to further pursue marketing exploits with The Change Creative. He asked us to help manage his Instagram account. The intention was to create a consistent image with strong messaging and raise awareness of his services with those who may be interested. To begin, we designed a 9 square grid of how we felt that he should move his Instagram profile forward. We also updated his profile description, adding his website link and also, stories to his profile. The below image is of the first 9 squares we designed for The Heart-Seat of the Soul.

9 instagram squares

Social Media Management For Instagram

In just a month of helping David his profile had increased in size by 350%, he had an inquiry for his services, and engagement was increasing week after week. As we continue to manage his profile his followers have been increasing steadily.

YouTube Branding & Professional Editing

As David looked to explore other marketing channels he began to record videos for use on his YouTube Channel AnimaAnimus. Unfamiliar with how to do video editing he asked The Change Creative to design him a YouTube Banner and create a more professional image for his video thumbnails and a short intro for the beginning of every video. One of his videos can be seen below. Please visit and subscribe to The Heart-Seat of the Soul channel here.


The Change Creative Triangle

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