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Simone Stephen Counselling

Who are they?

Simone Stephen is a hypnotherapist, counsellor and reiki specialist based in the UK and required an online presence. She contacted The Change Creative through the venture for further information on how we could help.


Simone Stephen is a counsellor and hypnotherapist based in the south UK and had no website so required a small new website design for her practice. The site needed to communicate the fact she worked with adults and children and what each service provided.


As Simone had no prior website to speaking with The Change Creative and a small budget we wanted to provide a solution to help her get on her way to building an online presence.

To complete this task we did the following: –

  • Arranged to have a conversation about her company, her ideas, and what kind of services she provided. To discover problems that she may have and what she required for her website.
  • Look into the easiest way to manage the website on the back end of the site for Simone to use and provide some training.
  • Provided a simple sitemap and guides on how to write content for each particular page.
  • Added an e-commerce platform, Simone, to sell products, vouchers, and take payment for therapy.

Website Design

After speaking with Simone in detail it was clear she had two customer bases, both adults and children.  We agreed that it felt important to clearly identify the two sectors as soon as you land on the website. We kept navigation as simple as possible due to the nature of the business and also the colours pastel in nature to be none offensive to anyone visiting.

Two target customers, two separate areas

To clearly communicate the two types of therapy Simone undertakes we separated them into two blocks with their own separate colour. We kept text minimal to avoid any confusion that information overload can provide when first looking for therapy.

We also decided to include a large picture of Simone as truly, she is her brand and this is why we added her picture at the top of the page in a warm and welcoming manner.


In future additions to her website, Simone also wanted the capability to add a shop to sell mp3’s, vouchers and possibly, the ability to pay for therapy online and so this was added in 2020.

Although a very simple website it is effective in getting to know Simone and also, to discover whether she provides the type of therapy you need quickly and easily.

Please visit Simone Stephen’s website to find out more.

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