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Black Art

Who are they?

Max is an up and coming musician based in Philadelphia who's genre is a rapper. He has worked with The Change Creative for over five years on various album covers and digital artwork concepts.


Max approached The Change Creative back in 2015 on Twitter with a request for digital artwork design in September 2015. He had a very clear idea of what he wanted the design to be. He wanted a digital artwork with paint dripping down his face and over his glasses.


Since first creating the design for his first album “BlackArt”, Max had come back to us for various design concepts.


The first digital design would be of Max with his paint dripping down his face in 2015.


The second digital design Max would request for me to design a black boy but in the pose of a medieval portrait of Jesus.


The final piece of work is a digital video in 8-bit style for one of his latest tracks, Icarus.


Digital Design

As Max knew how he wanted his artwork to look he took a few photographs to be able to begin the digital portrait. Here are a few screenshots of how his digital art progressed and the final piece. To hear Max Hunter’s latest work please visit Max Ali on Spotify.


Album Cover 2018

After the success of Max Ali’s first album design, he asked us again to design him some more artworks. This time, like last time, he had a good idea of what he wanted to communicate. This time he wanted a young black boy in a white hoody holding a pose similar to Jesus had in a medieval painting with a halo above his head.

2018 Album Cover Concept

As the artwork progressed Max decided that he didn’t want the face on the boy and to include graffiti all over his hoody. Around the boy was a golden frame to give it the impression of a piece of art.

2020 Music Video

Before we rebranded as The Change Creative we had called ourselves 8-bit John Design between 2016 and 2019. Max had seen the design progressing on Instagram and all the small animations I had been sharing. It inspired an idea for himself, to create a music video in an 8-bit style and his favourite computer game. He had recently written a song called Icarus and mentioned he used to play it on the NES in the past.

Below is the completed video with the song Icarus by Max Ali.

The Change Creative Triangle

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