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JA Wilson Design website evolution


Like any design process a website undergoes change after change before arriving at an appropriate finishing point. Design items are never 100% complete even when they are pretty impressive, designs can always be improved upon but what helps a designer reach a stopping point is time and deadlines. This website is currently undergoing a makeover and I thought I would see if I could find my old site design online and to my surprise it is still out there on the web! Read on to see the website evolution.

[image source=”http://www.jawilsondesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/jawzofdesign.com_.gif” width=”full” target=”_self” lightbox=”false”]


My original website domain was jawzofdesign. I decided to change it because I wasn’t happy using the z in Jaws.. I felt it was a symbol of a designer trying to hard…oooo an s back to front! Really clever… :s. Why Jawz of design? Well the work i produce is all based around communication, graphics, conceptual art, websites, its all about using our jaws , talking in any medium I can find. JAW is also my initials.


You may notice the logo was a lot more rectangular than it is now. I never realised that i had extended the logo in such a way. Subconsciously I had redeveloped my logo in order to give it a more sleak appearance.

Good points

I particularly liked the banner on this website. When you hovered over an image it would pop out to the side and because each image has a unique texture it really does make you curious to see what those things are.

Bad points

I think the header wasn’t fantastic and the layout left a lot to be desired.

JA Wilson DesignJA Wilson Design.com

My latest website design is okay for its purpose but its still lacking that oompf! I know it needs more clever images, I think the layout will need some alterations also. I really liked how the logo hit you as you visit the site but the problem with this is firstly, it has no call to action and secondly every time you visit any page on my site you have to scroll a whole page before you see any content. Maybe this is great for branding awareness but for usability it would seriously frustrate me and this is the reason I am going to be giving the site a makover.

Hopefully, by the start of April the website will be much more user friendly with a more sleek graphical site to feast your eyes on. It goes to show that as you gain more experience you know what works well and make improvements, nothing ever stays the same…